November 7, 2022

I am always so impressed with how efficient and knowledgeable you are!

~Annemarie T., Eagan, MN (repeat client)



October 20, 2022

Miller Estate Solutions quickly and efficiently emptied my fathers home and then expeditiously sold or donated all the contents of the home (including the car!). I give them five out of five stars!

~Samy E-H, MD, Woodbury for White Bear Township, MN


October 15, 2022

We used Laura Miller to help us clean out and liquidate my mother-in-law's condo after her passing. We were working on her two bedroom main floor and were getting through it but then started the very cluttered basement space. We had 15 family and friends working when we got to the feeling of hopelessness and being overwhelmed. One call to Laura and we felt she was a godsend. Her crew came in and cleared out and cleaned all in under three days. The sigh of relief was unbelievable!  Don’t hesitate to call Laura and her professional crew!

~Heidi M., Aitkin for White Bear, MN



October 7, 2022

Thanks for everything. You guys are great to work with. A great job!

~Rick M., Little Canada for St. Paul (downtown), MN



September 19, 2022

We love the services you and your team provided!

~Zach H., Chaska, MN



September 17, 2022

I really appreciated how Laura helped me. My close friend died and Laura was recommended to help. She was WONDERFUL. She is very kind and professional. I needed that because it was a tough time for me.  She always kept me updated on what was happening. I really appreciated that because it did it not happen with the Naples condo.  

~Carol D., Plymouth for Orono, MN



September 9 2022

All I can say is that you and your team were amazing! You did an excellent job in a very messy condo, and I would be glad to give you an enthusiastic reference if you need or want it. Your knowledge of the liquidation business was very impressive and I think my sister and I could not have been in better hands. Thanks so much!

~Lynn T., Bloomington, MN



September 9, 2022

I want to thank you for the tough couple of days you put in at (my sister's) this week! I truly appreciated your professionalism and efficiency! Wow - this is hard work! It’s hard work not only for the physical effort and attention to detail… but for the circumstance your job requires of working with individuals in crisis… going through a life change, giving up their life possessions. It’s hard and it’s stressful and I appreciate your patience and compassion!

~Joan K. Eden Prairie for Friendship Village, Bloomington, MN



September 2, 2022

In my 30 years in the business of trusts and estate settlement, I have never been more pleased than I was to work with Laura Miller. I was fortunate to learn about her from a trusted colleague. My prior experience with estate sale companies involved on site sales only. But this is not always a good fit for a family and frankly, does not feel safe or comfortable in many cases. I was involved in a complicated personal property settlement situation where the decedent’s home was filled with items both valuable and unique along with property that would be donated or discarded. It was a daunting task. I contacted Laura for help. After we toured the property with a family member, I was impressed with her knowledge of the contents of the home and also impressed with her compassion for the family’s feelings about their loved one’s possessions. She proposed a plan to organize and sell most possessions off site and then to donate and discard those items of no value. She then organized someone to clean the property and was in and out in 3 days. Afterwards, she provided detailed lists of everything that was removed and gave regular updates as things were sold and sent checks on a periodic basis as proceeds were collected. I know that the family was very grateful for her help. I highly recommend Laura for your estate settlement needs.

~Donna M-K., Senior VP, __ Bank & Trust, Edina, Mn



August 31, 2022

     When my parents passed away their wills were clear that everything belonged to my sister and I.  Neither of us wanted to live in their home and even after making a fair number of donations and gifting friends and relatives things they wanted, there were still  a lot of things in the house and on the property that we did not want for ourselves.  As my sister lives in California, I was the primary contact in this process.

     Someone I had spoken to gave me Laura Miller’s name.  After checking out her website I contacted her about a variety of things ranging from emptying the home and prepping it for sale, options for estate sales and even selling the home to her and her partners.

     Laura helped me throughout the process, making me aware of options and potential outcomes.  She never put any pressure on me in terms of timelines and choices, always stressing that the choices were ours.

     Our outcome was that we were compensated for the value of some items left in the home and we sold the property to Laura and her partners for an amount we feel was fair and appropriate.

While I will never be in that situation again, I feel quite comfortable with recommending Laura Miller to others.

~Mike M., Maplewood, MN for Golden Valley, MN



August 15, 2022

     Laura and her team were a Godsend, leading the way to pack up my mother's apartment after she passed away. I was in MN only for a few days, and as luck would have it, Laura finished another job early and was able to meet me at my mother's apartment while I was in town and cleared it out in ONE DAY-- all with great care and attention. She showed up with a crew of about 6 people, all of their moving equipment and supplies, and they wasted no time getting started. Laura has a genius "tape" system, and she and her crew seemed to harmoniously work together, where they almost don't even have to speak to each other! I should also note that before Laura came to the apartment door, she had already checked in the the apartment office to understand the moving rules.

     Once Laura and crew left the apartment, she followed up right away with a detailed list of donations, items to be sold, and even how they would be sold (online, consignment, auction, etc.). The detail was UNREAL. In addition, my parents had a particularly unique table that my dad always said was valuable. Laura started researching the table and was able to track down its history and market value before going to auction. She has been extremely proactive in her communications, which I also greatly appreciate.

     I have particularly high standards, and as a matter of fact, this is probably the first review I've ever written because no one deserves it more than Laura. I highly, highly recommend Laura and her crew-- simply amazing!

~Anna S., San Francisco, CA for Roseville, MN



August 14, 2022

We used Laura and Miller Estate Solutions & Services to handle the disposition of my mother's 5,000 square foot house she lived in for 35 years. From the 1st meeting Laura made us feel comfortable and confident her team would maximize our return as well as have the house empty and ready to begin the process of selling the house.  They far exceeded our expectations and made us all feel very comfortable with the process. If you are in position like we had, I would give them a “five+ star rating”

~Steve L., Edina, MN for Minnetonka, MN



August 9, 2022

Laura Miller and her staff at Miller Estate Solutions and Services provide excellent services at a time when many families experience the stressors of downsizing and relocating. Laura encourages a family to take from their home what they continue to need, want, and treasure after which she and her staff quickly and thoroughly steward all the rest, sorting and then selling, donating, and discarding. She and her staff complete in mere days what would take a family weeks, months, or even years to accomplish and with the assuredness that sellable possessions get listed through the means most likely to generate a fair price. We will always express gratitude for Laura's part in making easy what might have been a terrifically difficult part of our move

~Jane C., Evanston, IL for North Oaks, MN



August 9, 2022

I thought you did a great job with taking of our (parents') estate! You did what you said you would do, cleaning out the property in 2 days Wow! I would give you a A+ rating and recommend to anyone.

~Tom M., Mpls., MN for Eagan, MN



August 5, 2022

My sisters and I are pleased to have had you and your team take over the task of emptying (our sister's) house. It was too much for us to tackle and reliably clean out and dispose of all contents and it was a relief to trust someone else to do it who had the experience to take it on and complete the task. You got the job done quickly for us with minimal “hassle factor” for us which is exactly what you promised. Everything went as planned with no surprises. You and your team were dependable, fast and efficient; it all proceeded on schedule. Our two goals of emptying the house and sell saleable items were met. (Client re-booked us to do another family estate out of town.)

~Mike T., Plymouth, MN 



August 4, 2022

We had a great experience with Miller Estate Solutions. They cleared the house in two days.  They were able to identify what needed  be tossed, what needed go to charity and what could go to auction sites.  They were very knowledgeable in what had value and where to sell it.  They were very hard working and honest!

~Beth S., North Oaks, MN



August 3, 2022

We can’t thank you enough for helping us with this massive project.  Everything went so smoothly.  We did have more than a good experience! God bless you!

~Suzie K., Montana



August 3, 2022

Minnesota Bank and Trust has been very satisfied with the work you have done and the way in which you have handled everything.  We will be sure to use your services in the future.

~Patti S., Vice-President, MN Bank & Trust, Edina, MN 



July 27, 2022

I am extremely happy with the service and appreciate all you did to get this done so timely. We will be working together again!

~Jean S., Vice-President, Trust & Probate Specialist, __ Bank Private Wealth, St. Paul, MN for Wayzata, MN decedent 



July 12, 2022

Thank you for all you did with the contents from (mom's) home.

~Kristi and Brian H., Mankato, MN for St. Cloud, MN



June 16, 2022

It was great to see you on Wednesday and to work with you and your wonderful team again. You did a spectacular job as always!  Thank you for the recap and information. Much appreciated. Again, thank you for everything! You are always such a pleasure to work with! All the best!

~Becky G., Eden Prairie (repeat client)



May 19, 2022

You and your team do such great and professional work!

~Sarah B., Plymouth, MN



May 18, 2022

Laura and her team were excellent to work with.  They were professional, very thorough in their work, and completed the work at our house ahead of schedule. We have no hesitation in giving them a strong recommendation.

~Steve S. Minnetonka, MN



May 17, 2022

Our experience with Miller Estate Solutions was outstanding. In a difficult time, Laura and her team came in and efficiently handled all that needed to be handled...stress free and compassionately. We are very grateful how simple Laura made this difficult process. We highly recommend Miller Estate Solutions, their name pretty well says it all.

~Denny J., Chippewa Falls, WI



May 13, 2022

I am very pleased with the professionalism and expertise you and your team have exhibited throughout the challenging process of handling a lifetime of a accumulated items.  I would be happy to recommend your services to anyone looking for top notch help to deal with the challenges associated with handling the delicate process of dispensing of possessions held by a loved one following their passing.

~Steve W., Minnetonka, MN



May 5, 2022

Working with you was a pleasure and you made the process very efficient.  We will retain your information in case your services are needed again in the future. Thank you very much.

 ~Gloria P., Assistant V-P, Trust Officer, Minneapolis, MN



May 5, 2022

I am very, very happy and relieved with all that we did together today. Thank you for everything!

~Karen W., Baytown (Stillwater), MN



May 2, 2022

I was up at the house late this morning and things look fantastic.  Sad to see the house empty but it is so nice to have it done. We'll pass your name onto anyone going through this process as you made it painless.

~Steve M., Arden Hills, MN



April 27, 2022

Once again I want to thank you for the work you did for our family.  We are beyond impressed and grateful! Thank you for telling me about the vintage bank with coins.  I think that is one thing I was personally looking for and did not find when I was at the farm.  I used to collect wheat pennies and I’m hopeful that is my little bank with my wheat pennies!  Thank you for being so thoughtful about items that our family missed and might still want.  You and your team have been so wonderful to work with on this project.

May God bless you!

~Suzie R., Waseca, MN (farm)



March 15, 2022

I was unexpectedly thrust into the role of an estate administrator in December of 2021, and as I live out of state I had to rely on local businesses to assist me in dealing with a house and its contents.  Laura Miller and her team at Miller Estate Solutions and Services were prompt and thorough in getting the contents of the house inventoried and properly sold or taken for disposal.  Even in the teeth of a winter storm and an unplowed driveway, Laura met the deadlines we had established and completed the job professionally.  I'd certainly recommend them for this type of work.   

~Bob G., Bartlesville, OK for Arden Hills, MN



March 15, 2022

We appreciate it!!  We will be happy to recommend your company to others…..nice job.

~Steve S., Minnetonka, MN



March 14, 2022

I think you and your team did a great job and we’ll be scheduling round 2 (full estate liquidation) when I know more about the house sale. I feel like round 1 (pre-listing thin-out) got me over a hump I had no idea how I would get over. I’m glad things are selling! 

~Kate Q., Excelsior, MN 



January 19, 2022

Thank you so much for everything. You are amazing. You have been such an incredible part of our team for the last two moves and we are beyond grateful for everything you have done. We couldn’t have done any of this without you.

~Lisa B., Chicago, IL for Lilydale, MN



January 12, 2022

Amazing work Laura, thank you so much. We really appreciate all that you have done.

~Toby V., Wayzata, MN



January 06, 2022

Wow! I can’t believe you cleaned out our house in 2 days! It was quite emotional for me to see it all empty, but was it ever worth it having you take care of everything!

~Debbie M., Edina, MN



November 29, 2021

Miller Estate Solutions made finding  new homes for my late husband's sports memorabilia so easy. I had no idea where to start and didn't know if the collectibles I had even had value. After meeting with Laura, I felt confident I had found the best avenue to get my items to people that loved nostalgia and were collectors.  She explained what made the items valuable or not and described how easy the process would be. I have every confidence that Miller Estate Solutions acted in my best interest while helping me find new homes for my late husband's treasures. I will certainly use their services in the future and would gladly refer them to friends and family.

~Amy G., White Bear Lake, MN



November 29, 2021

I was very satisfied with the way you disposed of all the possessions left in my home after I moved. Your efficient, professional and sensitive approach far exceeded my expectations. I had asked that you donate as much as possible and you provided details of every donation. You identified and sold many items for which I had no idea of their value.  The price for your service was very reasonable and the proceeds of the items sold were an unexpected bonus. I will continue to recommend Miller Estate Services to all who are needing help downsizing and moving. Thank you!

~Brenda M., S. Mpls, MN



November 26, 2021

We feel fortunate to have Laura Miller and her company Miller Estate Solutions handle liquidation of our estate items when we downsized. It was handled with no nonsense, efficiency, professionalism and good communication. Highly recommended.

~Judy & Bob B., Eden Prairie, MN



November 21, 2021

We hired Miller Estate Solutions to help us with a very complicated downsizing move, both before and after our house sale.  Our experiences were uniformly fantastic:  Laura Miller is responsive, collaborative, and kind:  her advice on how to prepare for putting our home on the market and what would be best sold, consigned, donated, or trashed was completely on-point.  In addition, she and her team were unbelievably efficient!  She turned a situation that was completely overwhelming to us into something that was manageable and far less stressful---on our own, we could not have accomplished a fraction of what Laura did to help us.   And as a huge surprise to us, we were able to recoup more than our costs for Laura's services from the items she sold or consigned for us.  We are extremely grateful to Miller Estate Solutions and cannot recommend them highly enough.  

~Maryann G., Edina (Rolling Green), MN (repeat client)



November, 16, 2021

Our thanks to Laura and her team at Miller Estate Solutions & Services. The loss of a loved one is emotional draining and the many details are so challenging.  Our ability to trust the Miller team took pressure off of our family so we could devote time to other pressing needs.  Laura explained everything clearly and in advance. The services matched the process as described and everything went very smoothly.  We have no reservations about recommending them in the future.

 ~John & Madeline J., Apple Valley for Lakeville, MN



November 14, 2021

Laura, you and your crew did a great job! I really don’t know what I would have done without you guys.  Laura and crew had also done a great job moving my dad out from his condo a few years ago. You guys did a great job! I have already told several friends about your service! I highly recommend them!

~Julie G., Eden Prairie (Bearpath), MN (repeat client)



November 12, 2021

You and your team did a great job.  We enjoyed working with you.  It made the liquidation process bearable and even fun at times!

~Gary B., Shorewood, MN (repeat client)



November 11, 2021

You and your team are a true delight.  I am grateful for having found you to help us.  

~Scott S., Shorewood, MN



October 25, 2021

Oh my….the checks are awesome!

~Karen H., Ft. Myers, FL for Eden Prairie, MN (gross sales to date over $200K ~ and still selling!)




September 3, 2021

Please know that you provided a much-needed measure of help to our family during this difficult time.

~John J., Eagan, MN



August 29, 2021

We had a very good experience with Miller Estate Solutions & Services as we began to liquidate our possessions.  The staff that came to move items was very professional, efficient and knowledgeable, handling our antique items with great care. We plan to utilize Miller Estate Solutions  in the final steps of our moving process.  If you are looking for a full array of services to clear out when moving, I’d recommend this company.

~Margo and Phil R., Oakdale, MN



August 28, 2021

When our dad passed away and we had a chance to really look around his place we knew we were in way over our head. Our Aunt suggested we look for an estate service that would come in and do most of the work for us. I researched and found Laura's website. After reading the reviews and seeing everything they would take care of we were sold. Our dad was a collector of many things and we didn't really have any knowledge of any of them. We contacted Laura and she got back to us promptly. I had taken some pictures of his apartment and sent them over to her. She was willing to take us on and that was a HUGE relief. We had recently lost our step-dad and Mom as well and were just completely overwhelmed with the amount of work Dad's apartment was going to require. He had lived there for 30 years. I met Laura at my Dad's apartment and I knew that she was the right person for the job. She has done a really stellar job for us. I can't emphasize enough the relief we felt in handing this job over to her. She literally cleaned every last thing out of the apartment. Some was trash, some was donated, some was placed in consignment and others were sold at auction. We have been extremely pleased with the proceeds we have gotten to date. I HIGHLY recommend Laura and her company. They have done an absolutely amazing job for us.  Thank you, Laura & crew!! We are loving your services and have been really pleased with the sales!!

~Kim J., Edina, MN



August 27, 2021

Thank you thank you! I will highly recommend your services.

~Sue L., Bloomington (West), MN



August 17, 2021

Laura, you just confirmed for me what a truly wonderful service you provide! I was amazed at how much money you were able to get, for items I had no idea were worth anything! I will continue to sing your praises to anyone in need of liquidating an estate.

Thank you again!

~ Libby M. Mpls., MN



August 3, 2021

Thanks for all your help!

~Janet M., Bloomington (West), MN



July 15, 2021

When we first started to think about downsizing and selling our home it was so overwhelming. Once we contacted you, the planning and the execution was in good hands. You helped us with the complete process, from the very beginning to the sale of the house. You and your staff are very professional and friendly, completing the work and answering all of our questions as the process progressed. You made the process of getting ready to sell so much easier. We highly recommend Miller Estate Solutions to anyone that is trying to sell a house, downsize or ready to declutter. We're happy to promote your business. I gave one of your cards to our realtor and said that we wouldn't have made it without your help.

~Terrie S., Petoskey, MI for Eagan, MN



July 12, 2021

We used Laura and her team twice in the last year; first to "thin out" the home for showing purposes and then to totally remove everything when we sold our home and moved to another already furnished home.   The support and kindness shown by this team was amazing.  They were professional, neat, prompt and very organized and made the cleanout of our home feel seamless.  Thank you for a great experience and I would highly recommend their services.

~Lesley M., Sun Lakes, AZ for Eden Prairie, MN (repeat client)



July 12, 2021

Unquestionable person of integrity! Having lived in my townhome 16 years you facilitated my downsizing move with personal sensitivity and comprehensive professional services. Your communications were always clear and helpful which facilitated my move and sale of my townhome. With immense gratitude I heartily support your professional services.

~Phil K., Minneapolis, MN



July 12, 2021

Everything went very well with Miller Estate Solutions & Services.  Their team was prompt and helpful.  We will refer family and friends that may need their services. Thank-you.

~Rick F., Rogers, MN for Minneapolis, MN



July 11, 2021

I live in New England.  When my mother passed away in MN last winter, I needed a partner to help me clear out her house so it could be sold.  I was fortunate to be able to travel in the spring to the home so that I could personally select what I wanted to keep or give to friends and family. Laura and her team from Miller Estate Solutions took care of the rest.  Laura and her team are very professional and respectful.  Laura guided me through the contracting process and was clear about what to expect when they would be on-site.  They effectively sorted which items had potential value and have liquidated them efficiently.  They left the house empty and ready for a final clean before the sale.  I appreciate working with them very much. I could not have gotten through this significant life transition without them.  Thank you!

~Kate S., Etna, NH for Northfield, MN



July 10, 2021

I am more than thrilled with the work you did at my home -- simply astounding. You can be sure I will be singing your praises to all people I know - so hopefully, you will continue to be fully booked!  With enormous gratitude and thanksgiving. 

~Mary Lou C., Edina, MN 



June 29, 2021

Thank you for being part of a great team who have helped me so much. You provide a wonderful service and I wish you every success in the future. I'm so very grateful for your wonderful service. I will spread the word, far and wide!

~Libby M., Mpls., MN



June 24, 2021

Thanks Laura! You and your team made it easier for our family. Thanks!

~Todd M., Brooklyn Park, MN for Amery, WI



June 23, 2021

Thanks so much. We will be in touch with you as soon as the house sells to pick up the rest of the furnishings.  Great service. What a blessing. You made it very easy for us!  

~Jerry P., Mpls., MN



June 04, 2021

I will echo what I’m certain you must hear often: YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!! Thank you so much for your help. I am not a person who trusts easily, but you and your crew definitely inspire and maintain trust. Your friendly, warm yet professional and very efficient way of taking care of all our “stuff” is much appreciated.

~Lori W., St. Paul, MN (repeat client)



May 28, 2021

We couldn't be happier with the services provided by Miller Estate Solutions.  When a loved one dies unexpectedly, all issues become magnified and stress-free help is hard to find.  You and your team offered us just the help we needed in dealing with liquidating a household.  You were caring, professional, prompt, and did exactly what you said you would do when you said you would do it.  Just what we needed during a very stressful time.  The house was emptied in 3 days; all of the items the family didn't need were sent to appropriate venues--some to auction, some to consignment, others to eBay or donations.  The checks began coming when you stated they would.  In a nutshell, your services were great and a 5.0 rating is warranted.  Thanks again for the help.

~Lon S. of Middleton, WI for S. Mpls., MN



May 27, 2021

I am very pleased with the services that Miller Estate Solutions provided.  The work was timely and professional and fulfilled the needs we had in dealing with my cousin’s house and its contents.  I will definitely be recommending your company to others in the future.  

~Tom. S. of Woodbury for Maplewood, MN



May 27, 2021

Thank you and your crew for such a great job throughout this process. Thanks again!

~Terrie S. Michigan, for Eagan, MN



May 26, 2021

Things have worked well for us and we have been happy to see payouts.  Your service has been exceptional and we would be pleased to write an endorsement. 

~Cindy R., Germany, for Mpls. (downtown), MN



May 25, 2021

We had a great experience and really appreciate your efforts. Special items like these can be difficult to sell and even more difficult to get a fair price. You have solved both of these issues and we are grateful for your win-win solutions.

~Juan B., Lakeville, MN



May 19, 2021

EXCELLENT job Laura!! And appreciate the coins and photos. Thanks. Again, EXCELLENT service!  

~Phil K., NE Mpls., MN



May 18, 2021

I had complete trust and confidence in you as a professional to correctly handle my estate liquidation. Your warm, personal touch definitely helped me navigate this emotional time. I related my positive experience of working with you to my realtor.  She requested  

your business card which I gave to her. I can’t thank you enough!

~Diane R., Roseville, MN



May 05, 2021

Laura, you did a fantastic job. I'm not sure how I'd handle the process with out you, and your team's prayers and good thoughts. It made a very sad job less painful.

~Alison P., Plymouth, MN



April 23, 2021

Thanks so much to you and your team for making our move so much easier. We so much appreciate all the help!

~Lesley M., Sun Valley, AZ for Eden Prairie, MN



April 17, 2021

Thanks Laura; great job all around. You folks were a joy to work with! Thanks again.

~Sue and Lon S., Madison, WI for S. Mpls., MN



April 15, 2021

Thanks for your fabulous help, couldn’t have done it without you!

~Cathy C., Hudson, WI



April 12, 2021

Thank you for all of your help!  I am very pleased!

~Julie M., Fridley, MN



April 1, 2021

Thanks so much for everything. Thank you also for saving the photos you found, my aunt’s High School Diploma was in there as well.   Those little things mean a lot to me and my family.  

Again, thanks so much for everything, I will certainly refer you to others who might be in need of liquidation services. 

~Tom S., Maplewood, MN



March 26, 2021

Thanks so much for your help this week--you all were fantastic and I couldn't have done it without you! I also can't believe that all this stuff I've been so stressed about has now been pretty much resolved. It's a great relief. 

~Amy O., White Bear Lake, MN for Becketwood, Mpls., MN



March 22, 2021

We were very pleased with the  work of Miller Estate Solutions.  From our fairly large house we had 40 years of clothing, children's goods, sports equipment , books, furniture, china, etc. etc.    They were extremely efficient in boxing and loading most of the items from our house. The estate sale is ongoing and we have been happy with the results. The staff and Mrs. Miller (Laura) worked rapidly but sensitively to the fact that we were selling our household goods and house of some 40 years. We would recommend them to anyone. We were and are very satisfied with Laura and her great people. Thank you so much! And the house sold in four days too!! (And a huge thank you to the excellent professional staging team recommended by Laura!)

~MaryLouise & Richard L., Studio City, CA for Edina, MN



March 18, 2021

Thank you for helping us with my son’s estate. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate you doing what appeared to us to be an unsurmountable task of clearing out all the affects of the townhome, sorting it down and, then disposing the items either for sale, trash or donation. And you did it quickly and with little need for us to oversee the job. This was invaluable since we live far from the home. Thanks for sending us the accounting of the effects. This was helpful in attesting to the disposition of the many items in the property. Truly you and your staff were professional and dependable to this difficult time in our lives.

~Beryl & David G., Lindstrom, MN for Shakopee, MN



March 11, 2021

My experience with Laura was exceptional. I was in a stressful situation. Laura and her crew cleared my (brother's) house in a professional and efficient way. I would highly recommend them and will call Laura if I need her services again. I appreciate everything you and your crew did for us.

~Janet O., St. Paul, MN



February 2, 2021

You are a saint and a life saver!

~Jeanne K., Bloomington, MN



January 20, 2021

Laura and her team were the best!  My mom’s health declined rapidly and her death was sudden.  As an only child living in a different state, there were several things to deal with and much had to be done remotely.  There was an added layer of difficulty with the pandemic of 2020.  From the time of our first meeting, Laura was caring and understanding of what I was going through and how overwhelming it seemed.  She clearly represented what to expect with the estate liquidation – what she would do, time frames, results, and outcomes. Laura and her team came in and categorized items for sale, donation, and disposal.  When they finished, the house was immaculate and ready for real estate photos and to be put on the market.  I am very thankful for all of their help and taking this immense task off my shoulders.

 ~Pat B., Littleton, CO for Maplewood, MN



January 16, 2021

You and your team were a dream come true. Prompt , polite, thorough, tidy, and you did your groundwork with my mom’s building way ahead of time without even asking me to connect you.

The checks for sales of the estate residuals keep on coming. I will call you for any similar work and recommend you without reservation.

~Sally S., North Oaks, MN for Mpls., MN



January 15, 2021

Thank you isn't enough for all the hard work done by you and the crew. I am full of gratitude.

~Raindi M., Sarasota, FL for Burnsville, MN 



January 3, 2021

Laura was a dream to work with.  She took a difficult situation and quickly solved it without a lot of handholding.  She has great judgement and her team performed above expectation.  Thank goodness we found her.  I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Judd B., Winnetka, IL for St. Paul, MN



December 29, 2020

Thanks again for your excellent work on behalf of the estate.

~Kirsten K., Attorney



December 16, 2020

Thank you, thank you for everything. As you know, this was such a difficult and emotional process for all of us and I very much appreciated all you did to help us get his house ready to sell. It’s been hard letting go, but we’ve had great confidence in your ability to help us keep those things we might want to keep and let go of the rest. I don’t know how you do your job but appreciate what you did for us! 

~Rachel H., St. Paul, MN



December 14, 2020

I called Lisa, my daughter-in-law to thank her for referring your Miller Estate Solutions & Services to me. Your removing all the items from my home after living there for so many years after I have moved to a smaller residence has been a great experience.  I do not know how I could have gotten rid of all these items especially now during covid when there cannot be a sale due to social distancing. I was pleasantly surprised to receive checks from you for items that you have sold, I was not expecting that. Again I appreciate the work Miller Estate Solutions & Services has done for me and would highly recommend your firm. Thank you for a great experience regarding the project you did for me.

~Florence B., Lilydale for Sunfish Lake, MN



December 11, 2020

We both enjoyed the experience. Having a one-stop-shop really made moving and packing so much easier. 

~Sarah K., Las Vegas, NV for Eden Prairie, MN



November 9, 2020

Thank you so much for your help.  We will reach out to you again in the future if we ever have the need.  Thank you!

~Missy B., Edina, MN for Bloomington, MN (repeat client)



October 31, 2020

Thank you so much for all your help! You and your team were so wonderful to work with and made the experience so stress-free and enjoyable.

~Kristen A., Los Angeles, CA for St. Paul, MN



October 21, 2020

You and your crew were fabulous!! So much was accomplished and it was done in such a caring and professional way and it was so impressive how hard all of you worked.  And you Laura, had so much patience and heartfelt interest in viewing items and hearing about what so many things meant to (my husband) and his life. You are a real sweetheart!

I look forward to our next endeavor and now know how smoothly and carefully it will get taken care of. 

Thank you so much!!

~Dawn B., Naples, FL for Shorewood, MN



October 20, 2020

I don’t know how my parents ever could have accomplished their long-planned MN > CA relocation without Laura’s help. As soon as we met with her and heard about how she worked, our stress level went down. We didn’t have to figure out what got sold, donated, or trashed and didn’t have to figure out how to get things out of the house. She and her crew simply handled it. Once the moving van left with all the belongings my parents took for their new life across the country, Laura’s team arrived and took care of everything else in less than 2 days. The house was empty and ready to put on the market and we didn’t lift a finger. Communication was clear, empathic, and timely and Laura was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her services to any family facing downsizing and moving or needing to clean out a home of a loved one.

~Christa D., Walnut Creek, CA for Anoka, MN



October 19, 2020

Laura Miller and Miller Estate Solutions did a great job of helping us empty our Dad and Mom’s house to prepare it for sale! They sold some personal property for the benefit of the Estate, donated other personal property to charity, and arranged to have everything else removed, so the house could be cleaned and sold. Throughout the entire process, Laura Miller was helpful, responsive, and conscientious. Laura is very knowledgeable, and she helped us develop and implement a unique and customized plan for dividing personal property among the beneficiaries of the Estate. Start to finish, it was a pleasure working with Laura and MES! 

~Brent B., Ham Lake, MN 



October 16, 2020

We are having a very good experience! Thank you so much for all your help. It was such a relief to have you deal with all that stuff.

~Susan T., St. Paul, MN



October 15, 2020

Thank you SO much for your help. It was a relief and a pleasure!

~Sally S., North Oaks, MN for Mpls., MN 



October 11, 2020

We have been extremely pleased with you and your team and how you have helped us clean out our home, sell or donate items and make it so simple for us.  After 42 years in our house and needing to empty it totally, the task was overwhelming.  You came in and made us feel confident that our belongings would be taken care of in an organized and efficient way.  Your team was kind and the relief we felt was wonderful.  We would highly recommend you and are so thankful for your help.

~Lesley M., Eden Prairie, MN



October 9, 2020

We are very pleased with the great job you did for really took the pressure off of us after losing my mom. You and your team were so efficient and communicated with us even after the job was complete. We would definitely use your company in the future.

~Kimberly & Steve P., Burnsville, MN



September 22, 2020

Laura really saved us!! The closing on the house was two weeks away, and the house was still very full of stuff. She was able to sell and donate quite a few things. This was during the Covid epidemic, so things were extra difficult!   She's an expert and a hard worker. I highly recommend her.    

~Carolyn N., Chicago, IL for Roseville, MN



August 29, 2020

I was extremely pleased with regard to all of your professional services, and the fine job of accounting!

~Patrick L., Estate Attorney, Brooklyn Park



August 13, 2020

We think you guys did an amazing job. We could not be happier. In a situation that can be difficult you put our minds at ease and for that it is priceless.

~David S., Edina, MN for Deer Lake, St. Croix Falls, WI



August 13, 2020

It was really good working with you.  It’s hard to capture in a testimonial just how happy I have been with all you have done for (my brother) and me. It all would have been next to impossible without your help. I can’t say enough how great it was working with Laura and her team.  She is completely efficient, trustworthy, expert at all phases of the work, and such a nice, caring person as well.  Laura made what would have otherwise been a daunting job go smoothly.  I would highly recommend Miller Estate Solutions & Services.

~Eileen O., St. Paul, MN for White Bear Lake, MN (repeat client)



August 12, 2020

I felt that you did an excellent job of working with our client.  I would recommend you to any of

our future clients who are downsizing.  Thanks again for all your help!

 ~Linda C., Realtor, Edina Realty, Golden Valley, MN



August 10, 2020

I wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the service you and your staff member provided.  You went above and beyond knowing my situation was unique and a rush.  Your patience and thoughtfulness to help me resolve this issue helped relieve stress I was feeling.  I needed items packed separately for two individuals and then the rest for donations.  I did not have the opportunity to meet your staff person that packed the items and needed to do all communications through emails and photos.  Everything was packed perfectly. Thank you again for making a stressful situation turn out well.

~Jean S., Vice-President, Trust & Probate Specialist, St. Paul, MN



July 21, 2020

Laura and her entire crew have been a downright blessing for my situation. My brother abruptly passed away and even though we were close I never suspected his health problems. Living in Colorado, I had no knowledge of how to get help in Minnesota. I could only spend a weekend in MN to tend to the house and estate and after some searching I narrowed down my search to just a few businesses and I was sooo happy my decision was to go with Miller Estate Solutions. Within a few days, my brother's house was emptied and cleaned with Laura offering much needed advice on how to handle types of items that needed to be, sold, auctioned, or donated. Laura and each person in her crew were extremely friendly and also very hard workers. This experience took a great weight off of my shoulders at a time when I was grieving for my brother.

~John B., Littleton, CO for St. Paul, MN



June 16, 2020

I would just like to sincerely thank Laura and her crew.  My mother passed away in November, leaving us with hearts full of love, and a house full of beautiful possessions.  Because of my work schedule, I needed to move all those wonderful things along over Christmas vacation.  A task that usually takes months, in only two weeks!  Laura and her team made it possible.  They packed up and transported all the valuable items to a local auction house where they were sold a few weeks later.  She also provide much needed guidance on how to address the remaining items.  We would not have been able to do it without her.  We appreciated her guidance and kindness at a very important time in our lives.  Thank you Laura (and team).

~Jeff S., Roseville, MN



May 13, 2020

I greatly appreciate the work you did for us and the way you helped us through this challenging set of tasks.  You surpassed our expectations in every way and I never would have thought that we could get through this so efficiently.  I greatly appreciate your efforts to video the house and provide advice on how to ship things.  It is a great relief to have found someone we could trust with this process and to have it handled so well.  From my sisters and me, THANK YOU!

 ~Craig B., Warren, VT for  Deephaven, MN



May 8, 2020

Thank you for all that you and your crew are doing to help ease the burden of the - what seemed - monumental project. Grateful for your services.

~Katherine W., Vadnais Heights, MN 



May 2, 2020

Thank you Laura! I'm so grateful for the hard work you and your team put into my project. It's been great working with you. God bless you all!

~Lindsey P., Eden Prairie, MN



April 29, 2020

I can’t thank you enough for all you did in 48 hrs to clean out the rest of the townhouse!  You are treasured for sure!! I would highly recommend you to anyone needing your services.  You were organized, fast and professional in every aspect of our job.  When I left Mpls. I was physically and emotionally drained.  I could not have done one more thing!  The photos you sent when you were done was like seeing a miracle!!  Thank you!  Thank you!! Thank you!!!

~Trish B., Scottsdale, AZ for Hopkins, MN



April 24, 2020

After needing to take care of emptying an apartment after a loss, I contacted Miller Estate Solutions. Laura Miller was very knowledgeable and helpful in guiding me through the clean-out process even though I lived out-of-state. We set up a day when I would be in town and she and her team completed the clean out in a day. She coordinated the sale, donations and discards providing any needed paperwork. The apartment manager was also impressed with the professional and courteous way that they handled the clean-out. I highly recommend this service and want to thank Laura and her team for their hard work!

~Debbie M., Scottsdale, AZ for Burnsville, MN



April 21, 2020

I have been very happy with the project you and your team performed. Since I do not live in the Minneapolis area, I was not familiar with resources that could assist with the removal and disposal of the personal property from my aunt’s home. You and your team, with your knowledge of the area, did a great job of cleaning out the house and placing the items that could be sold with the appropriate parties. I truly appreciate the service you have and continue to provide.

~Jeff S., Moorhead, MN for Eagan, MN



April 15, 2020

It is always a pleasure working with you and your team and we were very happy with the excellent service provided on our last project.  Professional, knowledgeable, kind and efficient...the absolute dream team!

Thanks again for everything!

~Becky G., Bloomington, MN (repeat client)



April 15, 2020

Thanks again! Greatly appreciated!!

~JoAnne M., White Bear Township, MN



April 14, 2020

Laura and her team were on-time, reliable, flexible and very professional.  They bring a truck and pack quickly and efficiently to make drop offs to various locations for sale, consignment or donation.  Laura follows up with detailed receipts and timely payment.  I am so glad I found out about Miller Estate Solutions-downsizing 36 years of stuff and getting a house ready to sell was very overwhelming and emotional...until Laura and her team arrived!

~Ann D., Edina, MN



April 12, 2020

I wanted to recommend your services to anyone who is considering using you.  After my Mom died, I needed to get the house cleaned out while I was on a short time frame visiting from Idaho.  You and your team did a great job coming in to clean the house, remove the items, get them up for sale and get most of the items sold in a short time.  Due to your expediency of getting this done, we were able to get the house sold within 6 weeks.  Thank you again.

~Cindy W., Lenore, ID for St. Paul, MN



April 11, 2020

Laura Miller was extremely helpful in assisting me in downsizing my home in preparation for putting it on the market. She gave me an outline in advance of what she would be doing on the downsizing day. Then she provided in the same outline what venue(s) she would use to sell or dispose of the items she would take. And on the day that she and her very efficient employees arrived, they knew EXACTLY what to do. They knew what would sell, what wouldn’t (but took them anyway to give to charity), were cognizant of protecting my house from any damage, in other words, they were and are a professional team. She saved me countless hours of trying to do this by myself and I will count on her to help me again when my home sells. Afterwards, I was provided with an itemized list of charitable donations and to date, a check from my first sale. I would recommend Laura Miller most enthusiastically to anyone who is considering downsizing their home. You won’t be disappointed.

~Mary V., Stillwater, MN



April 10, 2020

   When, in the fall of 2019, I sold the three level / four bedroom house I had lived in for forty years and moved into a one bedroom plus den senior apartment, I chose Miller Estate Solutions to dispose of all the personal property I chose to leave behind, and I’m so glad I did. Laura knows the value of household property very well, as well as the channel to use to get the highest value for the client. From original artwork to furniture, tools, dishes, clothing, etc., the disposition and value received or donation of everything I left behind was reported in detail. The checks I received over the subsequent weeks reduced the net cost to what I thought was a very reasonable amount.

    From the initial meeting with Laura Miller to the final accounting, I could not have been more pleased. Laura handled everything in the most transparent and professional way. I highly recommend Laura Miller and Miller Estate Solutions to anyone considering how to downsize a household.

~Sharon C., Minneapolis, MN



April 10, 2020

We were extremely pleased with the service you provided in cleaning out the townhouse and selling our decedent’s tangible personal property including the handicap van and wheel chairs.  Your service was efficient and reasonably priced.  You took care of getting necessary permissions for the dumpster etc.  Even though you originally said the clean out might be put off a month, you had an earlier opening which worked out well for us.  Thank you!

~Jenny M., Legal Assistant, Hastings, MN



March 8, 2020

Thanks again for everything over the last year. We simply could not have gotten through it without you and your team. 

~Dave I., Evanston, IL, Minnetonka, MN, Prior Lake, MN for Eden Prairie, MN (Repeat Client)



February 26, 2020

Chris, Cody and Dan did a great job! I am so impressed with you and your crew. So nice these days to find someone who provides such excellent service.

~Ann D., Edina, MN (Repeat Client)



February 14, 2020

When we were faced with the overwhelming task of cleaning out two large storage units, we needed professional help. Laura was recommended to us, and what a blessing that was.

She and her team came in and took charge of the situation in record time. Each member of the team was so thoughtful. They could not have been kinder or more efficient. The two units were cleaned out and the items taken for sale, donation or disposal. Laura followed up right away with the results. I even got an unexpected return from the sale of some of the items, so that the whole project wound up costing me practically nothing.

I have referred  friends and clients to her on a regular basis. I am so thankful to be able to provide such a great resource to others. Thank you, Laura!

~ Gay C., Minneapolis, MN



January 22, 2020

Miller Estate Services is absolutely as good as advertised.  When Mom died I needed to clean out and liquidate her co-op apartment.  I found Laura on a web search and we quickly reached an agreement.  On Mon - Wed Laura's team cleared it completely, on Thurs the co-op did some minor cleaning and repair, on Fri the unit was shown to prospective buyers, and on Tues a purchase offer was received.  Unbelievably fast and efficient, and entirely enabled by Miller Estate Services.  I recommend them highly and without any reservation.

~Bob G, San Antonio, TX for Eden Prairie, MN



January 7, 2020

I just wanted to send you a personal note to thank you for your wonderful workers- they were great! Thank you for a terrific job! Loved working with your people!

~Nancy N., Attorney, Minneapolis, MN



January 6, 2020

I so appreciated all your help today. I was blown away by your efficiency & your good workers. So-o-o-o impressed.

~Mary V., Stillwater, MN



January 2, 2020

Laura Miller helped my family deal with estate items during a very tender time after the death of my mother. Her care and kindness created guidance and a safety net for decision making during the grief process. Laura took care of everything, taking such a heavy burden from our shoulders. Laura knows the estate business and can quickly determine what outlet is best for family heirlooms, furniture and household goods. Laura is compassionate, professional, knowledgeable and efficient. Her integrity is second to none. Laura genuinely cares about the people she helps. I give her my highest recommendation.

~Dianne M., New Brighton, MN



December 29, 2019

Thanks again. We feel like we have a lighter life ;). 

~Elise B., Minneapolis, MN



December 18, 2019

Thank you to you and your team for taking on this project. It is great having someone familiar with the area involved. I appreciate your efforts in assisting us with the estate activities. Thanks again to you and your team for getting the house cleaned out. It helped me out immensely.

 ~Jeff S., Eagan, MN



December 11, 2019

I am so happy with the work you all did here for us. It was a true pleasure to meet and work with you and your team. Thank you again for all your work. I truly appreciate what you are doing for us. With gratitude,

~Lori W., St. Paul, MN (Repeat Client)



November 25, 2019

Thank you for your assistance with this estate. We were very happy with the services provided.

~Donald F., Attorney/Fiduciary, Hastings, MN



November 20, 2019

We are having a good experience—you managed our expectations and did a great job with everything. I do not regret downsizing for one second--you made that possible during the craziness of work, changing schedules, and indecision on our part.

~Elizabeth B., St. Paul & Minneapolis, MN



November 15, 2019

Thanks for the great job!

~Sharon C., South Mpls., MN



November 14, 2019

Thanks again!  Love working with you and your team! You and your team did an awesome job as always!

~Becky G., Bloomington (West), MN (Repeat Client)



November 13, 2019

Your team at Miller Estate was incredible. The task of cleaning out my Aunt's home was daunting. This was a home my grandfather built and was my Aunt's home for 75 years. Every inch of the home had “stuff” in it. You and your team came in, on time and ready to work. 3 days later, I was able to see the house come back to life! You have an amazing, kind, caring team. Thank you 

~Denise F., Vadnais Heights, MN



November 12, 2019

I've felt things have been going terrifically well. Thanks for your help.

~Bob G., Naples, FL for Eden Prairie, MN



October 16, 2019

Patti and I enjoyed meeting you, and having you work with us!  It’s never easy to have to liquidate a loved one’s life’s possessions, and to deal with all the memories that come flowing back.  You have been very helpful, and sensitive in guiding us through this process. 

~Bob & Patti R., Edina, MN



September 20, 2019

I love how organized Laura is!! My MIL's house sold and we had a short time frame to remove everything from her 6,000 square foot house. Laura worked with our schedule and rearranged her schedule to make it work. The volume of items in the house made it very difficult to find anything of value and all we wanted were the family photos. I called Laura the day she started and told her our concern and worry the pictures would be lost. Laura said no problem and had her staff keep a look out for any family photo albums. The team was able to save many photos and I am very grateful for their willingness to keep a look out. Laura also collected all the keys in the house just in case we needed them. It turns out we did! One of the keys unlocked a chest at my MIL's other property. It had been locked for years! The thought of liquidating my MIL's house was extremely stressful for my husband and I. Laura took all that stress away. In addition to the house, Laura also sent my MIL's two cars to auction! Again, something we did not want to deal with especially since the cars were not in great condition. Laura had the cars towed and sent to auction. The whole process was stress free!!!  

~Michelle T., Minnetonka, MN

NOTE FROM LAURA: The family thought most items were not sale-able due to condition etc. but we have been able find and sell over $30,000 in gross sales, to date. It pays to hire experts. 



September 19, 2019

Laura and her team were exceptional! Always very professional, responsive, on time and clearly expert in their field. When it came to the day where we had to clear out my mother's storage unit, each and every member of the team were kind, hard working and compassionate - knowing that we were letting go of so many treasures. The sales process was also smooth - timely follow up with great attention to detail on what has been sold. A great organization that you can trust in every way!

~Susan L., Excelsior for Eden Prairie, MN



September 12, 2019

I want you to know how pleased we are with your liquidation of my father’s estate. You were incredibly fast and could not have been more professional in handling all of the work for us. My sister and I will be eternally grateful for how you made, to us, an unpleasant task into something easy and simple. Hiring your company was one of the smartest things we did and I would highly recommend your services to anyone. Thanks for a job very well done.

~Terry G., West Bloomington, MN



August 22, 2019

Thank your for your excellent service and crew.

~Marjorie C., Arden Hills, MN



July 10, 2019

Thanks to you and your crew. Simply outstanding, miracle workers, mountain movers. BRAVO to everyone who took my burden and freed me. God Bless You All.

~Michael S., Minneapolis, Golden Valley & Brooklyn Park, MN



July 7, 2019

   When my brother in law died suddenly last March, I was so happy to find Laura Miller's services online. When we first met her, she was exactly as described online. She was responsible, thorough, easy to work with and meticulous in her record keeping on sales. She took a huge load off our backs, as we had no idea what collectibles were worth anything or not. Laura has a passion for treasure hunting and lots of experience, so she knows what is worth something and then sells it. Laura was very trustworthy and fair. That meant so much to us. 

   Laura provided excellent services and greatly lessened our stress in selling things in the home my husband grew up in. We highly recommend Laura Miller to find and sell treasures. 

 ~Nancy H., Mankato, MN for North St. Paul, MN



July 2, 2019

My mother-in-law’s house sold in 24 hours and I was facing a three-week timeline to pack up the accumulation of 51 years in that house.  Armed with resources from Angie’s list, I began making calls. Laura not only responded quickly but worked hard to fit me into a tight schedule. Laura and team arrived at 9:00 am, walked the space with me and began working. I was touched by the respect they had for the home, its contents and especially the family that lived there.  With amazing efficiency, the contents were organized for delivery to auction, consignment, donation and waste. By 3:30, the team had exited to make deliveries and the house was COMPLETELY EMPTY! Such a relief and such a good experience for me! 

~Connie D., St. Paul (Highland Park), MN



July 2, 2019

Thank you for the thorough and professional work on this project!

~David N., Northfield, MN



June 14, 2019

We appreciate your working with us on the sale of these final pieces of my Mom's estate (estate fine jewelry).  You have done such a nice job of working through all the nice things my Mother owned and putting them in the best position for someone to acquire them that will hopefully value them as much as my Mom.  

~Eric G., Riverside, CT for Anoka, MN (repeat client)



June 13, 2019

Thank you so much for this detailed information. I am the only one who has been to the house as of yet. I couldn’t believe how wonderful it looked and how awesome you left it! I thought I would be really sad but instead I just had such a strong feeling of relief. We are closing on the house on June 21st so everything is falling into place and I am sure the new owners will appreciate the house being cleared out. I am sure we will be talking or emailing in the near future but I really am glad we went with your company! You made it all so easy and stress free!! I was pleasantly surprised with the cost of everything.  I think it was worth every penny to have your expertise come in and help us with mom’s estate. Thanks again.

~Kris M., New Richmond, WI



May 31, 2019

Whew! I’m exhausted just from reading all you’ve done this week! Even our realtors have been impressed with your work—-perhaps you’ll get some business from them!? I also want to thank you again for moving us to the head of the queue. That has made my job as executor from out of town much much easier.

~Ellen J., Libertyville, IL for Roseville, MN



May 29, 2019

You and your team did a terrific job, and I appreciate the checks I've received for Mom's items. I would recommend you without reservation! Every night -- including this one -- I look up river and can almost see Mom's place. Although sadness is slowly evolving into simple gratitude for Mom's presence in my life and the wonderful memories I have of her, I miss her every day. But that's a good thing. I hope to be talking with you again and cannot thank you enough for the work you did, but also for your kind soul and support during a difficult time.

~Mary S., St. Paul, MN



May 22, 2019

The service you provided was a God-send.  I can't tell you how relieved I am to have this stage of the process behind me.  Thank you so much for what you do!

~Nick W., East Bethel/Wyoming, MN



May 11, 2019

Thank you, and thanks for everything.  You will certainly be the only one on my list should anybody I know need your services!

~ Steve S., Edina, MN



April 18, 2019

Thank you, Laura, for everything. You and your crew are amazing! I will highly recommend you to anyone I know who may be moving.

~Kathie F., Bloomington, MN



April 15, 2019

I’m thrilled how today went (pre-listing thin out). I really enjoyed working with Chris and Brent. Great team. We’re looking forward to the results. We’re getting the house ready with painters coming tomorrow. We and (realtor) are aiming for early May listing. Having so much removed is a huge help.

~Elaine G., Minneapolis, MN



April 13, 2019

I did have a great experience! The house is sold and we’re in the final punch list of stuff on both residences. I did share your name with a couple I met at the Edina Target. I was listening to them talk about what to buy to stage the house and I had to smile and be glad that I was done with that. In the process, I shared my experience with MES. She asked for my first name to share it with you.  That was about a week or two ago.  

~Patricia S., Minneapolis, MN



April 13, 2019

We are having a good experience. I called (realtor) last week and told her that she can recommend you whenever she has the chance because you are "THE BOSS" when it comes to estate liquidation!! It has been such a pleasure to work with you. If you ever need a reference we will be happy to give you one.

~Barb A., Woodbury, MN



February 28, 2019

Thank you so much for managing this project in an efficient and seamless manner. I really appreciate your professional approach and your thorough follow-through. Thank you! The pictures were amazing. It’s been years since we’ve seen those spaces empty!!

~Ann B., St. Paul, MN for Moose Lake, MN



February 27, 2019

     After 30 years in the same home in Minnesota, we made a somewhat abrupt decision to sell and move to Florida.   So, in addition to the stress of retiring and needing to purchase a home in Florida, we needed to sell our home in  Minnesota with a lot of time sensitive constraints.  While we had routinely thinned out our possessions over the years we were amazed at how much ‘stuff’ we had to deal with.  Just open any drawer in your home and look at the maze of little items in a single drawer.  Multiply that by dozens of drawers, closets, cabinets, etc in a typical two-story with basement and you get an idea of how daunting just starting this process can be.  In addition we had our realtor telling us that to sell we had to ‘declutter’ in a massive way and fast prior to listing our home. 

     We were at wits end and at the point of near despair when an angel appeared in the guise of Laura and her team. 

     I really can’t adequately describe the feeling of relief after our first meeting.  She came up with a plan that did require us to separate things into  ‘take’ vs ‘leave’  categories. But the actual moving packing and disposition of the items we did not want to take with us was done in remarkably short order and with amazing efficiency by Laura and her team.  I mean literally piles of just unsorted junk of all types and sizes. When I came home from work I couldn’t believe what had transpired. Complete declutter, and our home sold to the first person who walked through the door. In addition, we didn’t want a house full of strangers in our home for an estate sale even for the nicer pieces.  Laura just took care of everything. At our request she even came on moving day to help my wife manage that process. 

     Then after our home sold and we had moved out, Laura came in and completely emptied everything we did not take, down to the food in the refrigerator, papers in the trash, the garage, the deck furniture, everything.  So simple!  And then she had the house deep cleaned by her team prior to closure.

     If you want or need to extract every penny out of your possessions then prepare to do all of this yourself and put in the hours of not just work but aggravation and time.  We chose instead to make a wise investment in professionalism, experience and peace of mind.  If your situation is in any way like ours, then trust me, you need Laura!

~Dr. Robert G., Naples, FL for Bloomington, MN (repeat client)



February 27, 2019

I want to thank Laura and her crew for doing an exceptional job with helping to clean out my sister's place. After living in the home for 62+ years, one can't imagine the things collected that hadn't been seen in multiple years. They came in and were able to sort everything out, and get it done within one long day! I had been working at it for 3 wks+ and making a slow progress. 

It was also helpful to have Laura recommend a Realtor friend, and within about 3 wks time we had the house sold! A great team effort! I would highly recommend Laura, and her crew, to solve any challenging problems with clearing out a lifetime of family treasures, and more. 

~Bev M., Highland Park/St. Paul, MN



February 25, 2019

We engaged Miller Estate Solutions to clean out a family home. Laura and her team were amazing! There is certainly no job too big for them to handle. They were very knowledgeable, efficient, professional and caring.  My family is truly appreciative for everything they did for us. We would definitely recommend Miller Estate Solutions!  Thank you ~

~Michelle D., Davison, MI for Shoreview, MN



February 24, 2019

My experience with Miller Estate Solutions has gone very well. My sister's home was a small house filled with way to much stuff. Laura and her crew sorted though everything, taking things for auction, consignment, donation and throwing unsellable things out. after three months I am still receiving checks for sold items. One thing to pay attention to - take anything you want to keep out of the house before they come to clean out house or when Laura gives you the red tape to mark things you don't want removed make sure to use it on those things. I had to buy a new snow shovel because I assumed it would be left by the front door. Hahahaha. House was swept and ready to market. 

~Steve B., Northeast Minneapolis, MN 



February 20, 2019

You and your crew are awesome - you made it so painless with the final emptying of the house. I took a walk around yesterday and couldn’t believe how empty it looked. I’m glad that I didn’t have to be the one to throw things in the dumpster. :) Your organizational skills are amazing. Thank you for company - which is a true ministry.

~ Pat S., Shoreview, MN



January 3, 2019

Thank you for being willing to expedite the whole process and for a comprehensive service. That was a tremendous load off our minds! Thanks as well for sending Mary’s diploma and meds. Hard to believe we missed those! You said that you work primarily by word of mouth; we’re happy to provide a reference if you ever need it.

~Dan & Mary F., Cambridge, United Kingdom for St. Paul, MN, USA



December 19, 2018

Our experience with Miller Estate Solutions has been one of the few highlights of downsizing. She and her moving staff were amazing! Efficient, friendly, professional, organized, and just simply knew their business! We were very impressed and pleased with the entire process. Laura knows her stuff!  She calmed me, took my stress, emotion and anxiety and made it a very positive experience. 

~Nancy & Bob B., Red Wing, MN



December 17, 2018

I am very pleased with your work and how you handled my downsizing, you are very thorough and a pleasure to work with even though it can be a stressful time to dispose of family heirlooms and meaningful artifacts. Thank you again.

~Kathy F., Bloomington, MN (repeat client)



December 16, 2018

We had a wonderful experience, you helped us out so much, it made moving my mother to her new home so much easier for us. Thank you!

~Brent N., Crystal, MN



November 26, 2018,

You did a great job cleaning out the house. Thank you so much. 

~Marilyn M., Minnetonka, MN



November 22, 2018

 Thank you again for everything.  You definitely provide A1 top class service in the work you do!

 ~Steve and Brad S., Edina, MN (repeat clients)



November 13, 2018

Thank you so much for everything you and your team have done for us. We are very happy with how well the clean-out went and impressed with the efficiency of your team. 

~Michelle D., Shoreview, MN



November 11, 2018

Thanks again for the timely cleanout of the house, it is under contract!

~Chris L., Alta, WY for Edina, MN



November 1, 2018 

I want to express my gratitude for your exceptional service in helping my family clear our mother's condominium. Your work was thorough and you provided us with resources for other services we may need. We found your recommendations to be true and on point. Dealing with a parent’s belongings is a difficult step. After searching the Internet and reading articles such as “Sorry, nobody wants your parents stuff” my brothers and I came to the realization that the values that my mother placed on her belongings, perhaps applicable 20 years ago, are no longer

in play in today's market. We each selected a few choice pieces that had sentimental and memorial value attached to them, and reluctantly liquidated the rest through your service. It was a difficult choice, we were saying goodbye to what amounts to the essence of who she was, her

lovely furnishings and decorations which she had carefully collected over the years. It is hard not to feel guilty, she would often share with each of us how great she thought the value of each of these items was and who should have what. The reality is that the marketplace is saturated with the belongings of the greatest generation. A generation of collectors that all want to pass on to their children their treasures. My brothers and I are in our late 50s and early 60s, we have long ago decorated our homes with our own unique styles and personality. Sadly, we did not have room for a 200 pound Marble topped dresser made in the Louis the XIVth style nor a 4' x 5’ vintage reproduction in an ornate gilded frame. It would've been grand to have had the time to

market each item individually on eBay and maximize the most profit. Time is money though so you have to spend money to make money. In the end the whole process seemed too overwhelming, time consuming and painful. We simply needed to clear her home and we needed to do it thoroughly. We we're so grateful we were able to find your service. Thank you for being

there for us when we needed you. To all of those out there who are going through this, sooner is better than later. We are grateful we did not have to deal with her things after she passed.

~ Patricia E., St. Paul, MN



October 8, 2018

I was entrusted to be my dear friend's executor when he passed.  I was overwhelmed with all of his belongings left behind.  Luckily, I had heard about Laura Miller and her team of miracle workers through my real estate company.  Laura met me at a storage locker with her team and

quickly sorted through 70 years of loved items with respect and thoroughness.  She sold and donated everything that could be used again, and disposed of unusable items.  She also found a small box of sentimental pictures that she mailed to me.  I recommend Laura Miller and her company without reservation!  

~ Kathy E., Client/Realtor, Minneapolis, MN (repeat client)



August 31, 2018

My mother passed away in February 2018 and we were tasked with cleaning out the house she had lived in since 1964. My mom was an organized hoarder. She never threw anything away! Anything! I found a box in her desk marked “Dead Pens” filled with, you guessed it, dead pens. Needless to say, we needed help. I found Miller Estate Solutions online and I was very impressed with the comments on the site. I called and talked with, and then met, Laura, She was incredibly helpful! She came to the house and we did a walk through. I told her we wanted to go through the house and pull out anything the family wanted and then we would like her company to come in and clean out whatever was left. Laura was completely open to splitting the work up anyway that we wanted. She also offered excellent advice on what to throw away and what to keep. She advised us to keep goofy things like old perfume bottles, old pharmacy bottles, certain old toys, etc. Things that I would have tossed without a second thought, she advised us to keep, so they could be sold. The day they came to clean out the house it was an impressive sight. There were many people in the house and they were incredibly efficient. We didn’t stay for the cleaning out, but we were there for a few minutes and I was so impressed by the care they took with the items and with our feelings. It is painful to watch your home be taken apart and Laura and her team completely understood and respected that. I also really appreciated that they found some things that they were sure we wouldn’t want to part with, a box of old letters being one. Laura brought the box to me and said she didn’t think I would want to throw them away and she was absolutely correct. It takes heart to recognize something that has been overlooked as being important .

I think the true test of a company is how they handle it when something goes wrong. We came down at the end of the day and found that some clothes that shouldn’t have been taken out of a closet had been taken out by mistake. I went to Laura and she immediately got the clothes from the truck, she knew where they were, and replaced them in the closet. Laura apologized and she genuinely felt bad that her team had made a mistake. Mistakes happen, no one is perfect, but what counts is the mistake was rectified immediately, and with a sincere apology. I appreciated that tremendously. Hopefully, I will not need Laura’s services again but I wouldn’t hesitate to call her if I do. I will also be referring her to my friends who have lost a parent and need to clean out the house. 

~Caragh O'B, Inver Grove Heights, MN



August 29, 2018 

When you first came to our door, my first thought was that we had been sent an angel! And now, after working with you on the first part of our move, I know that to be true!! WOW! What a group you all are! I can’t thank you enough for being there for us, and for doing such a fantastic job of getting our home emptied out and ready for photos, and being put on the market. You all work so quietly and efficiently it was so very pleasant having you around! Wishing all businesses operated on such a level of excellence! What a great thing that would be:) Thank you for making our life change and move much easier! We salute you, and look forward to working with you further! Gratefully,

~Paula & Bob G., Bloomington, MN



August, 28, 2018

Wow, what an achievement you accomplished yesterday.  Carol is elated to see what you did yesterday. Many, many thanks.  You are the best and I shall definitely recommend your services to anyone in need.  We shall keep in touch.   

~Wil B., Northfield, MN



August 19, 2018

It was a real pleasure to work with Laura and her crew. I could not have met my move-out deadline without them. Their care and concern with me and my belongings could not have been better if they were members of my family. P.S. I have passed your name and info along to several of my friends.

~Kathy W., Golden Valley, MN



August 18, 2018

I STILL deeply appreciate all your many efforts on my behalf! Laura, thank you again. You made everything so easy & instilled every confidence.  Once I knew I had to find someone

to help me from that side of my life, everything fell into place. As many have said, you made it all astonishingly easy. I have told a few folks about your outstanding care of things--

you do it so well, customers like me can't stay quiet. And, aside from your knowledge & efforts that made my storage unit evaporate, I have especially appreciated your quick replies & sensitivity to my specific story.  You're the whole package. 

~Jodie T., Moscow, ID for St. Paul, MN



August 17, 2018

I was more than pleased with the service you provided. I was always informed and knew what and when to expect things.I always received a prompt response to my inquires. You have achieved a perfect balance of business and compassion. My mother was a depression area baby and was fond of her belongings. I feel as though you truly care about my mother's "treasures" and are taking care of them as she would have wanted. May God bless you and your company always.  

~Michele N., St. Paul, MN    



August 16, 2018

Our family has worked with Laura Miller and Miller Estate Solutions on two occasions, transitioning my mother from her home to assisted living and then, four years later, to a family member's home. Throughout both moves, Laura's courtesy, clarity of communication, and compassion were ever present. She took charge of what is a difficult and somewhat

bewildering process and efficiently finished the project on time and to our complete satisfaction. We are very thankful for Laura's advice and her team's service. 

~Jim T., Hopkins, MN (repeat client)



July 24, 2018

As I said, you and your team work magic!  I am so glad I came across your website and decided to call you. Clearing out my parent’s home seemed like an impossible task for my brother and I, and thanks to you and your team, it was all done in two days!  I must say, you and your sister were extremely professional and very organized.  I would recommend your services to anybody.  When you send the information via postal mail, feel free to include some business cards and I will give them to anybody I think could benefit from your company’s services. 

~Steve S., Edina, MN



July 11, 2018

It looks wonderfully empty! Thanks for getting this done. Someone will get a perfect house to flip. A big load was lifted off us when we found you! Thanks for being an expert in your craft. Finding you was a Godsend; and you being a (Totino-)Grace grad in the same circles as us was cool! Thanks for everything!!!

~Garry B., Mesa, AZ for North Oaks, MN



June 30, 2018

We are so pleased you handled mom's estate.  Thank you. 

~Tari J., Apple Valley, MN 



June 17, 2018

We are in our early 70’s and decided it was time to “downsize” and simplify our lives.  We  contacted Laura Miller of Miller Estate Solutions in the summer of 2017 and asked her to help us prepare our home in Eden Prairie for sale.  She gave us tips on “de-cluttering” and took a

number of things to be auctioned off or sold on consignment.  She also provided us with one of her team members who helped us pack things we wanted to keep, but were not appropriate

to display during showings of our house. When we accepted an offer to sell in early 2018, we again asked Laura for help.  We were moving to a much smaller townhouse and needed to get rid of a lot of furniture and other possessions.  Laura and her team worked very efficiently to clean out the house in one day’s time.  They decided what could be sold or donated and what should go into the dumpster which they supplied. Laura provided detailed documentation on sales and

donations and she sent us checks from the proceeds each month. We would definitely recommend Miller Estate Solutions to anyone contemplating the kinds of transitions we experienced.

~Jean and John M., Chaska, Minnesota



June 16, 2018

Please-- thank your folks on my behalf & yourself, too--

You're a lifesaver today & are helping in ways I know you can imagine...

~Jodie T., St. Paul, MN & Moscow, ID



June 15, 2018

Thanks so much Laura - we totally appreciate all your help and that of your crew. Thank you!

~Jan P., South St. Paul, MN



June 13, 2018

Looks like you all did a fantastic job. Thank you so much for your work Laura. And I’m so happy you found some of those precious photos that we missed, as well as items from Dad’s military days. Take care as you continue to help other families with this overwhelming and difficult task.

~Kathleen V., Anoka, MN



June 10, 2018

We wanted to thank you for your services @ a difficult time for us! We sold the house above asking price & close tomorrow. This process would have been very difficult without you! I will recommend you to friends & acquaintances in a similar situation to ours. Thanks again!

~Jess & Les E., Minneapolis, MN



June 9, 2018

Thank you so much. You did a great job with such a tremendous ordeal. It is appreciated.

~Tom & Dorothy N., New Brighton & St. Anthony, MN



June 7, 2018

Amazing! I can't believe you got that done in one day. Thanks to you and your team. My dad is in awe of what you did. Thanks again!

~ Sasha W., New Brighton, MN



May 31, 2018

I truly want to express our appreciation to you and your crew for taking a potential nightmare day and turning into a stress free experience. In Arizona now, but have personally shared our fantastic experience with you provided with several of my Minnesota friends. 

~Duane K., San Tan Valley, AZ for New Brighton, MN



May 30, 2018

Although from a distance, it was a pleasure working with you. Services such as yours are not easy to find, so trust was a big part of our choice. From our first contact you made us feel comfortable and that taking care of us was the primary focus of your business. Thank you!

~Chris H., Chesapeake, VA for Rochester, MN



April 14, 2018

Laura and her team were professional, courteous, hard-working and conscientious during our time downsizing my home and possessions.  She also is flexible in what she can provide depending on your needs and her pricing is fair and provided up front.  I highly recommend her services to anyone. 

~Pat G., Afton, MN



March 30, 2018

The thought of going through 44 years of memories was overwhelming to my dad, brother, and myself. Living in northern Minnesota made it even more difficult because there wasn’t a company nearby to assist us with this project. Laura and her team were an absolute dream to work with. Her patience and understanding of just how difficult this process was made it so much easier to let go. She is honest and trustworthy, down to leaving spare change she found in a bag for us. Laura made this seemingly impossible and daunting task stress free. I highly recommend Miller Estate Solutions.

~Kelly B., Moose Lake, MN



March 28, 2018

I recently had to empty out my parents’ home which was full decades of clutter mixed with many items of value and I had to do it quickly so I could renovate and sell the house. I chose Miller Estate Services simply because they could do it on my timeline. They removed all of the junk, donated what was unsaleable, set aside what I wanted and quickly liquidated a good deal of games, comics etc. that my sister had piled up in the basement. I was pleasantly surprised that these items paid for a large part of the cost of their service. They did it all in 3 days, worked through some snags like my relatives coming to get items I had told them to remove months ago and were friendly, professional and had the place ready for the contractor by the date he wanted to start. They did a great job and I would highly recommend them.

~Pierre L., Edina, MN



March 26, 2018

Miller Estate Solutions came to our rescue at a very difficult time in our life. They work hard to help find solutions to complex problems. Laura was always understanding, an excellent listener and an extremely capable organizer. We are very grateful for the work of the entire company.

~Jayne E., North Oaks, MN 



March 15, 2018

We couldn’t be more impressed with the skill, efficiency, and compassion you and your team demonstrated from the moment we contacted you. You are easy to work with, and you are great at communicating with clients. You lightened our load when we needed it most. We are grateful for your help and would recommend your firm to anybody. Every word is true. As our son said, best $2,000 we ever spent. Thank you again for your help—I don’t know what we would have done without you. It was so comforting to work with such kind people. I felt okay entrusting (name removed) things to you; I think it would have been wrenching to entrust them to almost anybody else. 

~Carol C., Roseville, MN



March 15, 2018

Laura Miller and her team did a very good job – fast and efficient!!  Very good at communicating all the details every step of the way.  I would highly recommend this company and their services.

~Jane N. & Sheri Z., White Bear, MN



March 14, 2018

I don’t know how we could have done this without you. We are very happy with everything you did. We are so grateful for all you and your team did. Thank you Laura.

~Scot C. Bristow, VT for Roseville, MN



March 14, 2018

Working with Laura and her staff was a very smooth and easy process during what seemed like an insurmountable task. Her staff was professional, courteous and personable. I'd recommend her services to anyone that doesn't know where to even start when it comes to estate liquidation and all the details that follow.

~Drew K., New York, NY for Lakeville, MN



March 14, 2018

Laura and her crew were not only professional, but sympathetic in clearing out my father's estate. Between cleaning everything out of the house, and taking care of all the outbuildings on the farm, they were amazing. They were done ahead of projected time, and were very sensitive in working with us. I can't recommend Laura and crew enough!

~Christopher P., Jordan, MN



February 21, 2018

Thanks very much for handling things for my sisters estate. Your speed and competence is much appreciated. I saw the (after) pics and it is amazing what you did. And stress free for me. Thank you.

~Alan G., Wayzata, MN



February 20, 2018

Wow... you and your crew are amazing. Obviously you are very organized and have great resources. Thank you so much!!!

~Karen A., Realtor, Edina, MN



February 18, 2018

Thank you Laura!!! I’ll recommend you to anyone I know in need of your talent.

~Barb, St. Paul, MN



February 14, 2018

Laura and her team were truly amazing! They were respectful, kind and caring through an incredibly difficult time for us! My sister's house was jam packed with countless items & they emptied it within 3 days. We were amazed and so thankful that we hired this wonderful service as it would have been overwhelming to try to do it on our own! We can't thank you enough! We would definitely recommend her to anyone facing this challenging task.

~Carol H., Fridley, MN



January 17, 2018

Thank you. You saved my sanity. Thanks to you and your crew. Amazing work.

~Nichole K., Andover, MN



January 5, 2018

Thanks to you, I’ve been able to spend time every day with my father, precious and limited time, and not stressing over managing the move process. God bless you and your work. 

~Marcia E., Bloomington, MN



December 22, 2017

Laura Miller and Miller Estate Solutions was exactly what we needed in our recent move. We had a lot of furniture, lamps, mirrors, and other miscellaneous household items we could not take with us to our new home. Some of it was valuable and in good condition; some of it just needed to go. Laura and her team knew which items should be sold and where to sell them, and which items should just be donated. And they handled it all.  Estate Solutions could not have been more professional: Laura “gets it” when it comes to moving. She had a system that made everything clear and easy. She and the movers arrived on time and took care in the packing and moving. The paperwork, billing and follow up has also been clear and we have gotten a few checks from the sale of our items. I recommend Miller Estate Solutions!

~Julie B., Edina, MN



December 20, 2017

Thank you to both you and your team for your professional and compassionate work. You made a difficult task a lot easier for me. Our financial advisor works with a group of professionals in the area that work together to aid their clients' need. They include an attorney, insurance sales, load officer, etc. and they listen to their clients' feedback. I'm going to recommend they add you to their group. You're a pleasure to work with!

~ Leslie K.C., Roseville, MN



December 18, 2017

Impressive!  I am so grateful and relieved.  Your judgement is excellent!

~Jayne E., North Oaks, MN



December 6, 2017

Laura and her team were a Godsend to us! They were respectful, thorough and incredibly efficient! A house jam packed with countless items was emptied in 3 days! We were amazed and so thankful that we hired this wonderful service as it would have been overwhelming to try to do it on our own!

Countless Thanks!

~Tom and Katie B., Shoreview, MN 



December 5, 2017

Fay and I agree that we are very pleased with your services, including your compassion for us, your promptness in getting the clean outs scheduled and reliability. Plus you did a great job. You made our lives easier at a very difficult time and we very much liked you personally. The gift you left for me was incredibly special too and shows the respect you had for the items that meant so much to Judy. It is also nice to get the checks for items sold. We are glad we found you.

~Eileen & Fay F., St. Louis Park, MN (Two estates were done for them.)



October 4, 2017

Just wanted to say thank you again. I enjoyed working with you and your crew. You did a great job and made this transition much easier for me. I can’t say enough good things about the job you did. Thank you so much for all the hard work it definitely made clearing the house for sale so much easier for me.

~Millie W., Phoenix, AZ for Hudson, WI



September 21, 2017

It was a real pleasure working with you prior to the clean out of Donna's home. You took the time to thoroughly explain to us what the process would look like and what we could expect from your team. During the clean out you and your team did an outstanding job, were courteous and professional, and were respectful of Donna's possessions. You were very attentive and compassionate throughout the entire process, and you made a very difficult situation easy for the entire family. We thank you again for all that you did for us, our very best to you.

~Katy F., Inver Grove Heights, MN



September 21, 2017

I am so thankful for people like you, the kindness you and your guys showed towards me and the care you took in loading the items up, I truly appreciate it. You can not believe the stress that has been lifted for me.

~Barb Y., St. Paul, MN



September 17, 2017

Thank you for all your help. You did a great job. Because of your help there is less stress. 

~Nancy G., Eden Prairie, MN 



September 15, 2017

We appreciate all that you have done for us!

~Kelly B., Moose Lake, MN



September 9, 2017

I would definitely recommend you and Miller Estate to friends and family!

~Charlie P., Minneapolis, MN



September 7, 2017

Thanks so much for your detailed recap. We are very pleased with the work you did. I would highly recommend your company to anyone.

~Gordy P., St. Paul, MN



September 6, 2017

I certainly am happy with your (appraisal) service (and) the level of detail provided, it certainly gave me the information I needed and in a timely manner. Thanks again.  

~Gary S., Columbia Heights, MN



August, 2, 2017

Wow, this is so amazing to me, Laura. I'm so glad we found you! And I'm happy to know about your business so I can share your info with others. Thanks kindly for all of your assistance. 

~Sue M., Brooklyn Park, MN



July 22, 2017

I am so happy to have met you and made your acquaintance.  Trust me, if I ever hear of others going through this process, I would be happy to refer them to your services. Take care and thanks again.

~ Kathy H., Little Canada, MN



July 22, 2017

Thank you so much for all your hard work and making life a bit easier for us! It is a pleasure working with you and your team.

~Jan P., St. Paul, MN



July 20, 2017

Your crew was fantastic. Thanks for all you did in helping us "shrink"  -- we could never have moved without you and your team.

~John B. & Bob P., Jacksonville, FL for Minneapolis, MN 



July 19, 2017

My husband and I wanted to tell you how much your help with our move meant to us.  As you recall, we had only six weeks to downsize the home where we had lived for the past 45 years. Being in our 70s and 80s, and being emotionally attached to most of our belongings, it was daunting for us.  From our first contact with you via telephone, through your first visit to our home, to the final packing/cleaning, you and your wonderful associates were professional, supportive, caring, and helpful.  We couldn’t have asked for more.  We tell everyone that you were the best decision we made in an almost impossible situation.  Our job was a bit different from how you usually work, because you had to pack everything before the movers arrived rather than after.  However, none of you seemed to find that daunting – nor my 45 years of saved “treasures!”  An unexpected bonus was the fact that after the move we received several checks for items that had sold at auction.  You and your associates were thoughtful, helpful, had great suggestions, and were the most caring individuals with whom we had ever worked.  When you were done, even the new owners were amazed!! Kudos and many thanks for all your wonderful work.  It is not an exaggeration to say that we could not have done it without you.  Hugs to you all.

~Helen and Ned H., Hastings, MN 



June 1, 2017

Thank you so much, Laura! It's hard to believe the house looks like that now. We really appreciate your help, professionalism, and kindness along the way. As you can imagine, it means so much to have someone you can trust with this type of project. 

~Rajni S., Lafayette, CA for Anoka, MN



May 26, 2017

You and your crew have been amazing, as always, and I am so grateful to have been able to have your assistance with this process. I can honestly say that we couldn’t have done it without you! I have been giving my manager updates this week as you gave them to me and I made sure to tell her that you and your crew are the best estate liquidators I have ever worked with and you are on the top of our list when we need someone in the area.

~Heather R., Trust Officer, Florida for East Grand Forks and Brainerd, MN (repeat client)



May 1, 2017

I really appreciate your professional attitude and how you help my clients through these moves. It is just overwhelming to them.

~Wayne G., Realtor, Edina, MN (repeat client)



April 26, 2017

I was overwhelmed and exhausted. I had just lost both my parents from cancers in 11 months, and was looking at getting their house of 47 years emptied and cleaned so I could get it on the market. I would go in a room at their home, and not be able to get started. I researched and found Laura's company. They went above and beyond for me. They understood exactly what I needed, and held my hand through the entire process. I would highly recommend them, and am very grateful for the service they provide. I have been bragging about them at work. I am so beyond happy and grateful for their services. I hardly recognize the house in the after pictures! I'm glad a lot got to be donated. Mom and dad would have wanted that. My parents never did much for themselves, but they did donate a lot to many different nonprofits. From the bottom of my heart - thank you! My realtor and I will make sure to spread you around to the other realtors with a 5 star plus rating from me. I don't believe I could do what you do. I think this country would fare much better if women ran the corporations and businesses. Your business is an excellent example of that. Thanks again!

~Laurie S., St. Paul, MN



April 24, 2017

Lynn and Cyndi were absolutely wonderful to work with! I highly recommend them. I needed help with unpacking and getting my home into shape after a very disorganized move. My husband passed away several months ago and I had to move quickly. I downsized from a very full 4500 sq. ft. home to a 1000 sq. ft. home. I was very ashamed with the mess I was in. I was embarrassed and overwhelmed both emotionally & physically because I had so much "stuff" and no place to put anything. I have severe arthritis and I am recovering from spinal surgery so I couldn't do much of the physical work myself. Lynn and Cyndi asked what I wanted to do and then they immediately dug in and went to work. They knew exactly what to do without much input from me. They were focused and worked very hard. They didn't shame me by commenting on how much "stuff" I had, they just reassured me they were here to help in any way they could. They are a great team. They knew exactly what to do and they put me at ease. They worked very hard and accomplished a lot in just a little over 4 hours. I hope to have them both back again to continue my cleanup. Thank you for your help Lynn & Cyndi! After they left my home I thanked God for sending them to me.

~Kathy C., Lakeville, MN



March 29, 2017

Laura is a lifesaver. She helped my brother and I clean my fathers house so that he could continue to live in his house. My father is a hoarder and was asked by the city to clean up or get out. My father had a great amount of valuables that Laura was able to sell quickly and make a profit. Laura and her team were efficient and professional, and I am forever grateful for her.

~Molly B., St. Paul, MN



March 7, 2017

My sister and I recently hired Laura and her team, to clear out my 92 year old dad's condominium.  They were able to take care of the condo in one day, which was very exciting.  They did a great job!  When I move I will call on Laura again.  Thank you Laura.

~Julie G, Eden Prairie, MN



February 10, 2017

I would highly recommend Miller Estate Solutions for anyone needing a house clean out. Laura

Miller, the owner, will have a face to face meeting with you and conduct a walk through

explaining in detail the process as well as verifying exactly what their client needs and wants.

She leaves nothing to guess work. Her and her team exceeded all of my expectations for work

performed on properties that they were hired to clean. Infact, neighbors who had witnessed

their hard work had reported to me how organized, careful yet quickly they worked even though

they were being paid hourly! The final bill was so inexpensive compared to all the work they did.

Laura is always on site with her crew to oversee the process. None of the properties were

damaged. Words I would use to describe Laura Miller are honest, kind, compassionate and she

has integrity. I can't thank her enough.

~Mary K.M., Edina & S. Mpls. 



January 28, 2017

My experience with Miller Estate Solutions was most satisfying.  Having made a quick decision to move into a Senior Living apartment, I needed to arrange for sale of my house, downsizing, sorting—all the details that make that happen in 30 days.  Having the resource of Laura and her team made all the difference in the success of that challenge.  Her communications were clear and timely, and her approach in explaining the process and making arrangements for numerous destinations of my “stuff” was thoughtful and kind.

~Joelene B., Hudson, WI



January 22, 2017

After my 92 year old mom had surgery and needed 24 hour care we found a wonderful assisted living apartment for her right near our home. After moving her in to the one-bedroom apartment there was still quite a bit left in her 3000 square foot home and 3 car garage. We tried sorting through each room on the weekends but after 2 months had barely made a dent in the the project. It was then that I discovered Miller Estate Solutions and met with Laura at my mom’s home. She clearly and kindly walked me through the process of the way that her company works and I signed up that day. We had some time to separate the items we wanted to keep before the job began. In two days Laura and her crew had accomplished what would have taken us months. We are so grateful for their amazing work and for her knowledge of what items to sell and taking them to the appropriate venues-the checks are nice to get! Thank you Laura.

~Linda M., Andover, MN



January 7, 2017

Being faced with cleaning out our parents' home of 64 years, we were fortunate enough to be steered to Laura Miller and her team. She was empathetic, considerate and lively! The house was totally emptied in two days and the follow-up has been outstanding. It's such a relief to know that

going forward, I have the perfect person for my downsizing needs! 

~ Carol S., Brooklyn Park, MN



November 20, 2016

I was so impressed with the professionalism and efficiency with which you completed my job. I have been recommending you to my friends who are also downsizing. Many thanks.

~Bobo Z., Edina, MN



November 1, 2016

Thanks again for all your help! You were undaunted by what seemed to me to be almost impossible in such a short time. I appreciated your good humor, professionalism, and non-judgmental approach. Wishing you continued professional and personal success, and perhaps a few new clients from the Buffalo area.

~Janet C., Racine, WI for Buffalo, MN



October 8, 2016

STOP LOOKING this is the Fabulous team you are looking for, highly recommended. 

Excellent experience. Everyone professional, caring and great sense of humor..... this was helpful and appreciated as they were cleaning out, my in-laws town house. Highly recommended.... thank you to the whole team! It was actually a very fun experience. Cheers.

~Kari S., Edina, for Maple Grove, MN



September 13, 2016

I would recommend your service without hesitation!!!!

~Mike H., Maple Grove, MN



September 13, 2016

It was a pleasure working with you. I have given your name and business information to a number of people. Certainly if someone was talking about moving and was stuck with what to do with their possessions, I would recommend you and your company in a heartbeat. What amazes people is how you came in and cleaned out my house and sorted items as to where they needed to go. I am so grateful you did that and your service exists. I was very pleased—thank you.

 ~Orvis H., Edina for S. Mpls., MN



September 12, 2016

Thank you so very much for all your help!  You're crew is awesome!  I must confess that I am very worn out from the moving I have done so far.  I can't imagine how I would be without your assistance!  Like I said before, it will be my pleasure to pay you!

~Joe B., Shoreview, MN



July 28, 2016

Thank you for your help and kindness! Your whole team are great and compassionate people. We'll highly recommend you to everyone!

~Marie W., Eden Prairie, MN



July 12, 2016

I'm certainly pleased and relieved that so much surplus property was converted into cash.

~Larry N., Willmar, MN



June 17, 2016

Thank you so much for everything.  We really appreciate it.  If anyone we know is looking for estate services we will for sure pass your name along.  

~Carolyn J., Wayzata, MN



June 7, 2016

Laura and her crew helped us empty our parents house of 58 years of accumulated treasures and stuff. We were at the point where we had taken the things we wanted and needed assistance. Amazingly, they were in and out in one day and left the house clear and ready for the next stage of getting the house to  market. Laura is not only professional but also she and her crew are some of the nicest people we could have worked with. They made an emotional project much easier to get through. Thank you to them, and I certainly would recommend Laura Miller Estate Solutions to anyone.

~Christine H., Robbinsdale, MN



May 21, 2016

We appreciated your very efficient assistance. Many thanks for helping us get out of our home last year—without you we could not have done it.

 ~Edith L., Hastings, MN



May 17, 2016

Again, thanks for going over and above what's honorable before the Lord!!!

May God bless you in your home and your eBay activities!

~Bob R., Elk River, MN



May 3, 2016

You and your wonderful crew run like a well-oiled machine. I've never seen such efficiency and coordination. You'd be a pleasure to recommend even if you all weren't so nice. Thanks again for making our move so pleasant.

~ Susan C., S. Mpls. & Cambridge, MN



May 2, 2016

Oh my gosh! Could not have gotten through all that was going on without the help of Laura and her crew!! We were downsizing in the Twin Cities, moving everything from the family home to the apartment, the cabin, to our children, or to our retirement home in South Carolina. And trying to get our home listed PLUS awaiting the arrival of grandchild #2 out of town that would cause progress to halt. On Laura's initial visit where she said she could handle this (I had my doubts--they were unfounded!) she gave me a tip for marking items to identify where they were going. It helped so much. When the crew came to pack for 2 different destinations they were VERY impressed! When the moving crew left and Laura and her team arrived things progressed like clockwork. Every member of her team deserves a shout-out! They are all so special, dedicated, pleasant, easy to work with. They made this stressful situation glide by. SO, so thankful that I found this team! I would 100% recommend them for anyone moving that needs help! And the bonus? I get monthly checks from all the items Laura arranged to sell! Double bonus: our house sold in 8 days! THANK YOU THANK YOU, Miller Estate Solutions & Services!! From one happy customer!

~Tamarra G., Kiawah Island, SC for Eden Prairie, MN



April 19, 2016

We had a huge basement over 1400 square feet that was filled with junk. Intermixed with the junk were some treasures. The treasures were sold and the junk vanished in a single day while I went to work. I came home to a sparkling basement. We subsequently were able to put our house up for sale. I cannot say enough about how easy this project was to manage. The work was superb. I would use this service again!

~ Laurel E., S. Mpls (Kenwood), MN



April 15, 2016

Ms. Miller was very knowledgeable of the TRS and extremely helpful working with the multitude of forms needing to be filled out and filed to meet the deadline dates of the TRS.

~Connie H., St. Paul, MN



March 11, 2016

Thank you so much Laura!  You have been amazing to work with!  I couldn’t have imagined working with anyone else, you made it easier to handle.

~Lorie J., Mpls, MN



March 2, 2016

Went to the house today and couldn't get over the difference--so bright and sunny and rooms even looked bigger.  Good job, thank you!

~Donna D., S. Mpls. & Edina, MN



February 23, 2016

Hi Laura, I am back in Texas now but just wanted to take a moment to thank you for helping our family take care of Mom's townhouse contents in such a timely manner. We really appreciate the caring and professional manner you dealt with our situation. You and your sister truly are doing the work of the angels. With much appreciation.  

~ Connie H., St. Paul, MN



February 5, 2016

Thanks Laura and crew - words cannot express how grateful we are for all the work you did. I have recommended you to all my friends, and will continue to do so!

-Dale V., Folsom, CA for Greenfield, MN (repeat client)



January 20, 2016

I'm extremely pleased with the service you provided me.

-Jeff W., Arden Hills, MN



December 6, 2015


~Ian M., S. Mpls, MN



November 19, 2015

     My family and I are extremely grateful to Laura Miller and her company for helping us in a very difficult time. 20 years ago, I assisted my parents in moving from a two bedroom rambler into a new town home. We disposed of 3 full sized industrial dumpsters at that time. (I was a lot younger then.) It took over a week full time and was very difficult arguing with the parents about what to dispose of and what not!

     So, now our parents had been living in a two story, two bedroom, 1 and 1/2 bathroom town home with a two car garage for about the last 20 years. They never threw much away during that time. Both of my parents were depression era people, and saved and scrounged everything.

     We knew things were getting out of hand, and finally when they were forced to move into assisted living, we were able to assess the situation. The basement of their town home was wall to wall to ceiling with every imaginable item you could think of. Most of it junk. The two car garage was filled to the ceiling with junk around 1 car that was able to be driven in and out just barely. The other rooms were crammed furniture, clothes and other Junk.

     I began the clean up task, but was quickly disheartened by the task. I spent many days sorting and disposing, but found myself getting mad as I did it. I asked myself "whey did they do this to me"? (Stupid question, they didn't mean to do that to me, it just happened.) Every item I picked up caused me to ask "why did they save this"? After three "bagster" type dumpsters, I realized that I had not even made a dent in the total mess.

     By chance, my wife was involved in a conversation with a co-worker who indicated that she had gone through a similar event with her parents. We received a very glowing, positive recommendation about her experience with Laura and her company. I called Laura, who described her company's services and we arranged for her to visit the site and tell us what she could do.

     Laura met with my sister and I, and toured the site. Laura listened to our story with great understanding. She has had experience with this same type of scenario many times before. We were given a feeling of absolute confidence that she and her company could handle the situation. The estimate of costs was very fair.

     We engaged Laura and her company to do the job. They finished in less than 3 days. I didn't even get involved during the process except when Laura had a questions about something or a report about progress.

     It was a great load off my family and I. Laura and her company found many valuable items that I didn't even know existed and brought them to my attention. She disposed of items that had no interest to us and called our attention to items we might be interested in. She recycled many items that qualified. I think they took at least two industrial sized dumpsters out of the site.

     I would definitely recommend Laura and her company to assist you with Estate Downsizing. She and her company will do a good job for you. I can guarantee it.

~Tom K., Plymouth, MN



November 3, 2015

You guys really do work fast to have cleaned out both places in 2 days! It was definitely an overwhelming task for the 2 of us, knowing that there was so much stuff that we could not keep. As hard as it was, we realize it truly was the best way to clean out everything so we can get the house on the market as soon as possible.

~Wendy Y., Brooklyn Park, MN



November 3, 2015

Laura and her team are miracle workers. They exceeded our expectations by leaps and bounds in helping us clean out a house after a death in the family. We live in Dallas and the house was in Minnesota, and we continue to lean on her for anything else we come across.

 ~Ashley S. & Paul, North Oaks, MN



November 3, 2015

I used Miller Estate Solutions & Services to sell some small items that had been in my family for a long time. These included native Alaska soap stone carvings, coins, currency and medallions. I wanted these to fall into the hands of persons who would appreciate them rather than just give them away to a local charity (I also tried but failed in finding anyone online for this purpose). Our Realtor recommended Laura Miller and her firm and I was very pleased after working with her. She sent me a check less than 2 months after dropping off the items. The prices she achieved were very fair and her commission was modest. Also, everything she sold was itemized in detail. I would urge anyone in need of this kind of service to check her out.

~Bob O., St. Paul, MN



October 19, 2015

It was such a great experience meeting you and your crew... Such a really nice group of people. Thanks Laura, for making last week as painless as possible! I really so appreciate you! It was zoom, zoom, zoom and done! I truly could not have done this, without your help, so I thank you from the bottom of my very happy heart. I really do want to thank you for every single thing you have done for me Laura! I truly am amazed at how smoothly everything happened on "the day". You folks were wonderful to have around and worked so hard and fast. It is amazing to me how you magically made things disappear! So happy you and your wonderful crew were a part of my huge life direction adjustment! I'm loving it here and am having so much fun with my kids and grands. I have tons of time to spend doing things I want to do with people I love instead of taking care of a house that needed constant attention! People....not things are so much more fun to enjoy and I'm so useful to them all, just accidentally! All of our lives are so much better now, because of this move I've made.....thank you so much for being a big part of it.

~Pat D., Iowa for Robbinsdale, MN



August 21, 2015

     I am the executor for an estate of a relative who passed away a few months ago. Clearing out her condo was not high on the completion list, so we saved it until the end. If I would have known about Laura sooner, it would have been the first thing done. She is professional and communicates everything up-front - that includes her process, fees and probable placements for furniture, clothes and general stuff. It was a security building for seniors and there were no issues at all with their front office staff or other tenants. All in all, I would say this has been the easiest part of closing the estate. I have already recommended her services to co-workers and friends. Thanks Laura and team! You guys rock!!

~Nancy B., St. Paul, MN



June 21, 2015

When I contacted Laura I got a response promptly. When we met at the estate for her to look at it, she immediately started with her ideas. As for us we were completely overwhelmed and Laura put us at ease! Very compassionate about our loved ones personal belongings. Worked with her team efficiently and fast. It only took a day and a half to complete! And left the house completely empty and ready for a realtor. We would recommend Laura Miller to anyone! Absolutely loved her!

~Tanya & Pete B., Robbinsdale, MN



February 10, 2015

My family was presented with a daunting task this summer when a (very) distant relative passed away. When we entered the home it became sadly clear he had been a 'hoarder' and the 1200 square foot home was packed floor to ceiling with papers, appliances, furniture, old clothes, books. You name it and it was there. It was an impossible task for our family to undertake and Lakes Area Realtors recommended Laura. The first clue she would be great was when she made room in her schedule so we could prepare the home for a quick sale. When I met Laura for the first time I wondered how this tiny lady could tackle this enormous mess? But underneath that calm and collected exterior lies the heart of a lion. Laura, her sister and two other helpers completed the job in only several working days including evacuating the home due to a gas leak! Everything was sorted and items of value were found and sent either to auction or antique dealers (Laura suggested where we would receive the best value). Mechanical items, cars and auto parts (I forgot to mention the garage was also packed to the rafters) were sorted and sent to appropriate dealers for sale. I appreciated that Laura rented equipment on a per need basis (versus charging us for things we didn't need). After the third extra large dumpster was hauled away the house and garage were empty and ready for cleaning. Her bid was accurate and extremely reasonable. She handled a monumental task with calm expertise. Over the course of the clean-up I learned that Laura has strong ethical and moral values that inspire her work and for that I admire her even more. You will be in good hands with Laura and her team.

~Christine D., S. Mpls, MN



February 2, 2015

Laura was a lifesaver, having handled several moves for our family. She is professional, kind and compassionate! Took a load of stress and worry off of us during a difficult time. Highly recommend!!!!!

~Patty B., North Oaks for Lino Lakes, MN (repeat client)



January 23, 2015

Laura and her team supported us through two moves as we dismantled our home of 20 years and distributed its contents to three locations. She provided excellent advice on the front end as to how best to organize the task, and provided peace of mind as to "what happens if" all along the way. Knowing that she would be there to dispose of the pieces that I just didn't know what to do with was a tremendous help. I simply can't imagine having tackled the challenge without her calming, practical and efficient assistance.

~Chris G., Wayzata & S. Mpls, (Kenwood), MN



November 28, 2014

Laura handled an auction of comic books in a very professional manner. Communication was constant and informative. The sales went better than expected with the proceeds provided quickly. I would recommend her service.

~John W., St. Paul, MN



November 6, 2014

When my father died his home was filled with mess and memories. My brother lives out of town and he and I had no idea where to begin. From the beginning, Laura was very gentle and respectful in her understanding of how overwhelmed we felt. She and her crew took charge and within days the house had been cleaned out and the valuable objects sold. She even took care of finding a place for my father's decrepit car! It was such a pleasure to work with Laura. She is really good at what she does and it felt as though the Universe smiled on us when we found her!

~Taylor W., Shoreview, MN



November 5, 2014

Did a great job of emptying out a home for a family member who had to downsize. Very professional and helpful. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs this kind of service.

~Karen O., Crystal, MN



October 23, 2014

If you ever need to prune your belongings, I highly recommend Laura. She was very helpful to me!

~Lynne L., Naples, Florida for Minneapolis, MN (repeat client)



October 14, 2014

And thank you for all your amazing efficiency, calming influence and general adorableness… (new word).

~Barbie C., Plymouth, MN



September 12, 2014

Laura is a miracle worker!

~Steve H., Realtor (repeat client)



September 7, 2014

You rock!!! Thanks Laura!!!

-Laurie L., Minneapolis (North Loop), MN (repeat client)



July 13, 2014

What fantastic service! We are waiting for our pizza at Uno in Madison, with truly not a care in the world. I can't overstate how having you as the ultimate backstop kept us from stressing out throughout our downsizing process. You delivered as advertised!

-Gary & Linda G., Apple Valley, MN



July 5, 2014

I had a challenging situation with a seller who had recently lost his wife. We were trying to prepare the house to put it on up for sale. It was overwhelming for the family and they needed help. After meeting with several other estate companies, I met with Ms. Miller. I knew instantly by her kindness and compassion she was going to be fantastic. She stepped in and just saved the day. I in addition to the gentle touch my clients need, her business also focuses on "green" services recycling and reusing everything possible. This was very consoling for this family as their wife and mother was very generous and environmentally conscious. They knew she would approve of Ms. Miller's plan. We could not have done it without her help!

-Marcy W. Edina Realty, St. Paul (Summit), MN



June 16, 2014

I wanted to say thank you for all of your help. (This) has provided difficult but much needed closure to the situation. I really appreciate your kindness and going out of your way to assist us. I will definitely pass your name on for others I know in the situation.

~Desiree F., St. Paul., MN



June 15, 2014

I was so far behind the eight-ball with the business of the estate and my back was against the wall time-wise. So as a last ditch effort I tried the shotgun approach and called everyone in town. One of those calls was to Laura Miller. Laura told me how it would go, how long it would take and how much it'd be. She and her crew came in, took over, and "got 'er done" which was exactly what I needed to happen. I'd recommend her to anyone. Thanks again Laura.

~Bill W., S. Mpls, MN



June 13, 2014

Love the service you provide - basically one stop 'shopping' to get the estate done!

~Pat B., White Bear, MN



June 12, 2014

Laura, you were very helpful in motivating them (downsizing/real estate clients) to remove things. They were very happy with your advice and options on "downsizing" their belonging. They felt you were organized and helpful. The great upfront job you did made it easier for me when the house was ultimately on the market. You communicated with me and them regularly. Your service was invaluable here.

~Tami H., Edina Realty



June 11, 2014

Laura is amazing! As a Realtor, we get all sorts of homes that need a little or a lot and a recent home needed A LOT. She and Lisa did in just a few weeks what would have taken the seller 6-12 months! She is very compassionate and can handle the most delicate situations. You can trust Laura (and Lisa) with your most beloved family or clients.

~Susan A., Edina Realty (repeat client)



June 2, 2014

The experience was great. Your timeliness, expertise, and sensitivity were much appreciated. We would wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone in need of estate liquidation services.

~Jim T., Manager, Century 21 Realty 



April 23, 2014

Laura and Lisa are the amazing ones! What an absolute joy. I feel so privileged to have people of your quality to work with on what is often difficult, exhausting, demanding labor. How lucky am I? With the utmost goodwill and gratitude,

~Ellen and Patricia C., St. Paul, MN



February 8, 2014

Laura was a delight to work with. Her professionalism and details were excellent. She did everything she said she was going to do. On a very tight schedule. Her timeline on pick-ups and her staff was very resourceful and extremely considerate. I would highly recommend Laura for any job . She makes you feel like you are her only client !!

~ Bobbie E., Minnetonka, MN



February 1, 2014

Laura helped us organize our mother's home to downsize into independent living. She was very helpful in identifying items that could be sold at auction, on CraigsList and donated. She was thorough, timely and efficient. Once the process began, she remained involved and on top of the situation.

~Harper Sisters, Robbinsdale, MN



January 30, 2014

Laura helped my sister and I get a house of our Mother's ready for sale on short notice. After we tagged the items we were keeping she moved out the rest of the items, selling what she could, and appropriately either donated, recycled or disposed of the remainder. She did it all in a timely manner utilizing local help when possible. She is very professional, thorough and her fees are very fair. I highly recommend her.

~ Paul K., St. Paul, MN



January 2, 2014

I was very pleased with my experience with you and in your selling. Would be happy to have you handle any other items I may have to sell in the future.

~Sandy L., Lino Lakes & White Bear Lake, MN



December 21, 2013

I thought your service was outstanding. I will surely recommend your service to my friends. And I plan to use you again in the future.

Thank you again.

~Carol C., Mpls, MN



December 12, 2013

My sister and I had no experience in disposing of an estate when we started. We thought we could sort things fairly quickly; send most things to Goodwill; keep a few things and sell the rest online. After the first two weeks, we realized that a mid-size house had thousands of things in it and the job was too big for us to do ourselves. Once we turned it over to Laura, she got through things quickly and brought in several experts to empty the house. We were able to sell the house to a neighbor ,'as is' for cash, long before we thought we could have it on the market.

~Michael R., St. Paul, MN



November 8, 2013

My husband and I want to thank you so much for your help and friendship over the past few months. We couldn’t have done the move without you and we appreciated your good judgement, your professionalism and your concern for our feelings about our treasured things. Thank you, Laura, for everything you’ve done for us. Best wishes,

~Mrs. B., Mpls., MN



September 19, 2013

I am an attorney and handle estates in my practice. For my own parents estate I was glad to have Laura handled the selling and donating of all the personal items in my parents house. That which could not be sold or donated was removed and the house cleaned so we could sell the property. It was very smooth and easy for all of the family. Everyone had a chance to pick the items they wanted before Laura determined which items including a van would be best sold at an estate sale, auction or on line. Laura and her sister were very easy to work with and I would highly recommend her company to anyone.

~John V., Edina, MN



September 17, 2013

Laura helped my family empty my parents' home after my father's death. She arranged for an estate sale, donations and disposal of the rest. After everything was out she provided cleanup. Laura was quick, honest, compassionate, available for questions and ideas. She is professional and personable. She guided my family with ideas at a difficult time.

~Jane V., Mpls., MN



September 14, 2013

Very friendly, responsive, compassionate, knowledgeable, resourceful and patient. She made it easy!

~Hilary D., St. Paul, MN



September 14, 2013

I highly recommend Laura Miller for auction work. She is professional and friendly. The time from a call to Laura and the auction pick-up is only a few days. Laura completed 3 auction procedures for us in a few weeks' time. I will never use anyone other than Laura Miller to auction our household items.

~Andy B., S. Mpls. (Kenwood), MN



September 14, 2013

When I learned about Laura, I jumped at the chance to have some help downsizing further than I already had. She came to our condo with helpers, one of whom knew the auction, and helped me sort what to give away and what to sell. Invaluable. She was fair, informed, efficient--everything we needed. We got a check from her, and that was that.

~Miriam M., S. Mpls, (Kenwood), MN



June 5, 2013

Laura is a lifesaver! Knowledgeable, honest, dependable and fairly priced. I was helping my mom move out of state and needed to clear out her house so that we could put it up for sale. We did what we could on our own but run out of time. One call to Laura and I knew we were in good hands. She told us what she could sell, what she could donate, and what was trash. After we left town, her and her crew arranged everything! The house went from a disaster area to spotless within a week. Better yet, while sorting through what we left behind, Laura found some hidden away items that my mom had forgotten. She made certain that the most meaningful ones were shipped safely back to my mom, and suggested that we sell the rest. Thanks to her spot-on advice, we made enough to pay for all of Laura’s services, and turn a nice profit, as well! I cannot recommend her highly enough.

~Doug J., Mpls., MN



February 27, 2013

Laura was energetic, enthusiastic, and optimistic about what we could accomplish in downsizing. Plus, she knew what to do and how to do it - so - working with her and following her guidance, we have accomplished our downsizing goals! We recommend her highly.

~Jackie H., Mpls. MN



February 15, 2013

Laura did a complete home clean out and prep in less than a week, and we were very impressed with her professional service throughout the entire process. I would sure use her again.

~Mike Tracy, RE/MAX Specialists Realtor



October 29, 2012

Laura Miller provided excellent service for me as I needed to clear out my late father's home. She and her associate determined which items would be best sold at auction, which could go on eBay, which should be donated/given away/junked. The house was clear in under 6 hours! Laura is an excellent communicator, is easy to work with and charges very reasonable fees!

~Jody W., St. Paul, MN



October 18, 2012

Five of five stars!

~Claude A., Shoreview, MN



October 16, 2012

I have used Laura several times and have always been successful selling my items. She's fast, efficient and gets me paid right away.

~Steve L., Shoreview, MN



October 16, 2012

Five Stars!!!!

~Jensina E., St. Paul, MN



October 16, 2012

Ms. Miller has provided assistance to me on several occasions. Whether I was selling a single item or a trunk load; Ms. Miller was professional, prompt, honest and very easy to work with. I have referred clients to her and they have been very pleased as well.

~Tammy G., Attorney, Little Canada, MN



October 15, 2012

I recently sold an unwanted item through Laura. She sold my item with professionalism and friendly service as quickly as she could. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to remove their stuff from the home stead. She will give you the fairest price for your items available.

~Chris T., St. Paul, MN



September 10, 2012

I had a very positive experience working with Laura and have highly recommended her to others. There was good, clear communication and fast payment. I will definitely use her services again when I want to sell something.

~Janet J., St. Paul, MN



July 24, 2012

We were very happy with Laura's services. She is an energy motivator! She helped us organize our stuff, to prepare to move. She even pitched in and helped us pack. We could not have asked for more! I would recommend her to anyone who needs help with organizing! Laura helped our move go smooth!

~Janet And Doug Y., Woodbury, MN



May 11, 2012

I hired Laura to help me with a project I'd been trying to get help from my family with for YEARS! After describing what I wanted to accomplish, Laura was ready with a plan and a "Let's get it done" attitude. It took about 10 hours of work over 3 different days to get my project done. I now have a cleaned and organized family room and storage room. We were also able to clean out a secondary storage area so it is now pretty much empty. This space is now available to re-build my lower level bath. Laura was on-time, had a great attitude, was sensitive to my needs, great at helping me decide what to keep, toss or donate. She really helped to keep me on task as we worked together to accomplish my project. I will hire her again in a heartbeat the next time I need an organizer and have already recommended her to several friends!

~Colleen, S. Mpls., MN



March 9, 2012

We highly recommend Miller Estate Solutions/The Kiefer Sisters for anything you need to sell. Laura and Lisa are efficient, thorough, organized and fun to work with. We hired Laura to sell several items, including cars, on eBay and Craig’s list with great results. When we needed someone for our parents estate sale we thought of Laura. They knew what we should sell, donate and throw away. Within a short period of time Laura and her sister researched items, priced, photographed, ran ads and displayed all our items beautifully for sale. They knew how to market the items that we needed to sell. Their excellent presentation and smoothly run sale was amazing and netted us way more than expected. Laura Miller Professional Services/The Kiefer Sisters capable staff even did home deliveries for some of the large, bulky items. Some of the items that were not sold at the estate sale, that Laura felt should have sold, she retained and sold on eBay for us. It is impossible that we would have been able to do what Laura Miller Professional Services/The Kiefer Sisters did for us so successfully. The quality of service was excellent throughout the whole process of our parents estate sale. It has been a pleasure to work with Laura and Lisa and we will continue to do so as needs arise.

~Sue and Jane, Shoreview, MN



March 8, 2012

I am writing this letter to express my total satisfaction with the way Laura Miller transacted the sale of my last two (2) vehicles. Not only did she research the vehicles to determine the appropriate asking price, she assisted in the negotiations, acting in my best interest to achieve the highest possible sale price. It is unlikely that I would have been as successful as Laura in selling these vehicles as quickly as she did and getting the price that she got. Laura Miller is a true professional and I would not hesitate to use her services in the future.

~Thomas W., Shoreview, MN



December 26, 2011

She has provided excellent quality of service in helping me sell items on eBay and I am pleased with the results. I intend to continue to use her services until I establish my own business in the future.

~William, St. Paul, MN



December 7, 2011

Laura has acted as my agent in selling a number of items on eBay, including a specialized piece of medical rehabilitation equipment for which there is a limited market. I've found her consistently excellent: professional, diligent, prompt, and successful. Laura definitely earns her pay, and I recommend her without hesitation.

~George, St. Paul, MN



October 20, 2011

Laura has done a great job selling thousands of dollars worth of stuff for me on eBay.

~Lonn, Shoreview, MN



October 19, 2011

Laura did a terrific job from beginning to end. She came to my home and photographed what I was selling and just knew how to price it fairly. She also told me about the people who were interested in what I was selling and how to exchange the money and a little about the people I was interacting with. I felt safe in the business transaction and prepared. Laura is very positive and a pleasure to work with. I have told anyone who has wanted to sell anything, just to call Laura.

~Nancy A., Mpls. (Kenwood), MN (repeat client)



October 7, 2011

After interviewing a handful of other trading assistants, it was evident that Laura operated at very high level of professionalism. Being charged with managing my mother's estate, and not having enough to warrant an on-property sale, Laura's ability to determine what was marketable, and what should simply be donated, was invaluable. Laura did a terrific job of researching our offerings, and presented them well displayed, with any markings or special details called out for potential buyers. Her communication and documentation through-out the process was spot-on. Laura's warm, gracious, and has lovely sense of humor. Having her on my estate team brought a big sense of relief and a great deal of help.

~Sarah S., North Oaks, MN (repeat client)



September 30, 2011

I highly recommend Laura Miller. She is efficient, thorough and patient. Her suggestions about how to dispose of things or save them or sell them are invaluable. She has a delightful personality and is non-judgmental about how I got in the mess I was in. My husband and I live in a 17 room house wherein 5 children were raised, which included all their property. We've lived here for 37 years. If she can help me - she can help anyone. She has improved our home immensely and I am continuing to use her services.

~Carol S., S. Mpls. (Kenwood), MN (repeat client)



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Lynne L., a treasured client, now happily downsized and retired in Naples, Florida!