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Laura K. Miller, ASEL, PEL, President

Miller Estate Solutions & Services, Inc.

I have always loved the details. I love numbers, I think in boxes and squares, and am crazy for solving puzzles! I am wired to easily solve project challenges and obstacles, and to develop and implement plans.

I starting re-selling things when my children were small, nearly 30 years ago, to help ends meet. That evolved over the years to selling for neighbors, and through referrals, around my community. From selling Build-a-Bear on eBay, to downsizing my parents and in-laws, to doing entire onsite estate sales… we evolved. God opened the doors, I just walked through.

In that evolution process, while doing onsite estate sales, we figured there’s got to be a better way. We were at the mercy of whoever was in town, what the weather was like, and what competing sales were happening that weekend. The goal of onsite estate sales is two-fold. One, to make the most amount of profit as possible, and two, to empty the house. I realized a local buying pool, or the buying pool of one business, was too small. We needed to utilize exposure to the nation (and sometimes the world) via the internet, and use a large collection of selling vendors who have massive pools of repeat buyers.

With that we took all of our selling off-site. We placed items with a variety of vetted, well-established selling vendors (many who are not accepting new clients or have an extended wait list) that have these huge pools of unique, repeat buyers (their own, not their platform’s - i.e. K-Bid's). Each one of these vendors has a tremendous online presence - shoppers can shop online or in person at their venue. This is how we maximize the net sales proceeds for our clients. (And no risk to you or your home from buyers who damage walls moving things or slip and fall on your stairs!)


We were able to keep working through Covid, due to our business model, while following strict protocols. Many of our competitors were not able to do so, and so started their own "online auctions". While these new auction offerings are a wonderful place to shop for a deal, they're not the place to sell if you want to maximize your net proceeds. They just don't have the buyer pool and there's entirely too much competition at that level.

In bringing all items to be sold off-site we can liquidate the remaining contents in an efficient and quick manner ~ typically a few days. The expense associated with this is invoiced in a fashion that it can be submitted for tax deduction purposes, check with your CPA but most of our clients can take this deduction. Whether you chose an on-site or off-site sales strategy you still have expenses ~ most often the house still needs to get emptied. With us, you're able to easily submit those expenses for tax deduction consideration.

My crew and I, who will always be in uniform on the job, have over 76 years of combined experience. We will sort and process what to sell, donate (receipt to you!), recycle and toss. We sell the items via the most lucrative venue for that item and your bottom line. We help with your entire project, and if there’s something we don’t do, we have a solid list of qualified referrals in our network (realtors, movers, stagers, cleaners, estate attorneys, etc.). We are your full-service, one-stop shop. 

I have become an expert in personal property, with nearly 30 years of experience, and years of studying and watching market values ~ which I still do every day. I will always be on site managing your project. I will personally be making every determination of value. I don’t claim to be an expert in every arena, but I do know who is and whom to consult. I excel in finding value that others miss.

We are proudly the only Professional Estate Liquidator certified by The American Society of Estate Liquidators in the state of MN! We are fully accredited and have an A+ rating with the BBB. We have outstanding reviews from our clients on Yelp, Angi, Google, Thumbtack, Facebook, the Better Business Bureau, etc. And we years and years’ worth of client testimonials on our website, all dated (which most competitors don’t have).  I am humbled and full of gratitude by what we have achieved.


I strive to life a life that honors God and to reflect that in this business, and to all who come across our path. We give back 10% of pre-tax profits to those in need. 

Truly, the greatest part of this business is the people that come across my path. We understand the complexities of a family’s estate; the childhood memories and family dynamics that emerge. I am here to support you through this time and will try and make this somehow easier for you. I will custom tailor the plan to meet your needs and goals. Let me handle the details. I am here for you. 

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Serving Minnesota, Wisconsin and the Eastern Dakotas

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