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Sell Your Home As-is

Feel the Relief of Selling Your Home As-Is

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Whether you've inherited a loved one's home and can't manage two homes at once or simply don't want the stress of cleaning your home out, fixing it up, and going through a sometimes lengthy sale process - selling your home as-is gives you money in your pocket and peace of my mind in as little as seven days.

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What Sellers Have to Say

When my parents passed away their wills were clear that everything belonged to my sister and I.  Neither of us wanted to live in their home and even after making a fair number of donations and gifting friends and relatives things they wanted, there were still  a lot of things in the house and on the property that we did not want for ourselves.  As my sister lives in California, I was the primary contact in this process.

Someone I had spoken to gave me Laura Miller’s name.  After checking out her website I contacted her about a variety of things ranging from emptying the home and prepping it for sale, options for estate sales and even selling the home to her and her partners.

Laura helped me throughout the process, making me aware of options and potential outcomes.  She never put any pressure on me in terms of timelines and choices, always stressing that the choices were ours.

Our outcome was that we were compensated for the value of some items left in the home and we sold the property to Laura and her partners for an amount we feel was fair and appropriate.

While I will never be in that situation again, I feel quite comfortable with recommending Laura Miller to others.

Mike M.

September 1, 2022

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