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Old Silver Candle Stands

Sales of Estate Items
(and other Treasures!)

Whether you need just a couple of fine items sold, or the entire contents of an estate. We’re your partner.

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  • We select sales venues objectively, with the goal of maximizing your net profit. 

  • Most of our vendors have a physical location for buyers and all have a strong online presence, with thousands of repeat buyers, for maximum exposure to your items.

  • We are able to get your items into many top vendors that are not accepting new clients.

  • All selling is done off-site and privately. The general public will not know your home is vacant nor will they be allowed into the house. No risk of shoplifting, liability risks from slips and falls or damage to the home by people who aren’t experienced movers.

Special treasures we've sold:

A sampling of other items we've sold:

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