About Us

I'm a wife and a mother of two grown sons. I am a native Minnesotan (Ya, you betcha!) and proud second generation American.  I love the Lord with all my heart.


I have always loved the details. I love numbers, I think in boxes and squares and am crazy for solving puzzles! I am a history buff and love to read and be outdoors (when it’s warm!). Oh and how I love to organize!


As a result of organizing/simplifying my family, we often ended up with extra belongings that were no longer needed. That’s where eBay started for me… and all these years later I now have positive eBay feedback from over 1,500 people!


I started organizing others about 25 years ago. I saw ways people could become more efficient, productive and even peaceful by becoming organized. I am wired to easily solve organization challenges, overcome project obstacles and develop and implement plans.


Over the years my business has been blessed and grown. Helping my parents and my in-laws downsize from family homes revealed to me a great need to aid others in this downsizing process. In fact, my sister has learned a lot along the way with me, and is my invaluable right hand - assisting me on most Miller Estate Solutions & Services projects. I know you'll love her as much as I do.


My partners and I offer assistance with the entire downsizing or estate liquidation process – from attorney and real estate agent recommendations to complete household clean-outs and everything in-between. We sort what to keep, sell, donate, toss, recycle, re-purpose, etc. We sell the items via the most lucrative venue for that item and your bottom line.  I custom tailor the plan to your needs, wants and desires.


Truly, the greatest joy of  my business is meeting such wonderful people. I understand the complexities of a family’s estate; the childhood memories and family dynamics that emerge. I am here to support you through this time and will try and make this somehow easier for you. Let me handle the details. I am here for you. Let’s talk.


Laura K. Miller, ASEL, PEL

President, Miller Estate Solutions & Services, Inc.

Laura with her sister and right hand, the left-handed Lisa
Laura with her sister and right hand, the left-handed Lisa